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What Factors Affect Oak Ridge Water Damage Cleanup Costs?

12/30/2022 (Permalink)

SERVPRO technician removing water damaged hardwood flooring Water damage can soak through the flooring and walls. Contact SERVPRO to ensure all areas of your home are dried properly.

SERVPRO Technicians Help Oak Ridge Properties With Water Restoration

Numerous factors affect the outcome of a water cleanup job within an Oak Ridge property. One of the main factors is the time frame for the restoration services to start. A home with less water that waits for the cleanup job to begin can have a potentially worse outcome than a house with a more significant amount of water where the efforts started immediately. SERVPRO handles each job on a case-by-case basis and attempts to lessen costs for homeowners wherever possible.

Some of the most common reasons that cause water damage in an Oak Ridge property are plumbing problems, appliance malfunctions, weather catastrophes, sewer backups, and ventilations issues with a basement or crawlspace. For the best chance at the least amount of damage possible, it is vital to engage the water cleanup services of a professional restoration company. SERVPRO technicians trained using the IICRC methods and continuing education to ensure they are up-to-date on the most current advancements in the restoration industry.

Potential Major Losses After Water Damage

SERVPRO technicians work hard to minimize the replacement of building materials and contents; however, here are some of the most typical issues seen:

  • Warped flooring or damaged sheetrock requiring controlled demolition
  • Ruined carpet
  • Damaged electrical system

The Size of the Water Cleanup

The size is a factor that directly bears the cost of the damage to the property owner. A kitchen with water damage may have a significantly lower price to extract and dry than an entire floor of a home with the same issue. Also, when sizable square footage needs help, some of the following factors can affect the monetary outlay of a restoration service:

  • SERVPRO requires more extraction and dehumidification equipment for large-scale water cleanup jobs
  • A sudden pipe burst may be less damaging than a slow leak that took years, ruining the interior walls and possibly harboring mold growth.
  • Appliance failures can result in extreme cleanup measures as high volume leaks can result in huge problems. For example, a broken washing machine supply line can spill up to 600 gallons of water per hour.

SERVPRO Has Professional Restoration Methods for Flooring

The carpet and other floor coverings in a home get attention from SERVPRO IICRC certified technicians using their advanced methods and equipment. Since water migrates quickly, the technicians use their equipment to ensure all areas of water damage, including behind the walls and subfloor, get addressed. The popularity of laminate flooring means SERVPRO technicians handled it regularly. This flooring type has a different reaction than wood or tile. The laminate may not show water damage until a short time after the exposure to excessive moisture occurs as the water penetrates the core materials of the board.

Hardwood flooring may warp or cup in reaction to water damage. However, SERVPRO technicians have the training to remove the moisture from the wood at a steady pace to avoid damage. Water removal too rapidly can result in overly dried wood that splits and cracks, requiring replacement.

Whenever possible, the repair is always preferable to replacement, and the technicians work diligently towards that end during a water damage service. In cases where destruction to the point of no recovery, mold, or contaminated water is the issue, reconstruction or replacement can be the only option for homeowners.

SERVPRO of Loudon & Roane Counties at (865) 986-3015 helps the local Oak Ridge community with all sizes and types of water damage restoration services.

What Special Handling Does Oak Ridge Kitchen Fire Damage Need?

12/30/2022 (Permalink)

Home gutted to the framing with fire damaged studs SERVPRO addresses water damage left behind by extinguishing efforts before cleaning up fire damage in your home.

SERVPRO Brings the Latest Fire Cleanup Techniques in Oak Ridge

After a kitchen fire in an Oak Ridge property, there can be numerous issues left behind for SERVPRO technicians to handle. This room in the home is commonly the hub for the plumbing and contains more appliances than other areas. The potential for a more significant casualty to home contents from both fire and water damage.

Water in an Oak Ridge kitchen with fire damage can complicate the situation. SERVPRO technicians work diligently to remove soaked items left within the kitchen and extract any remaining water before it can seep under flooring and create further problems during the fire cleanup service. SERVPRO technicians use different methods for water removal and cleanup, including:

  • Extraction pump equipment
  • Hand tools
  • Microfiber towels and drying equipment

What Items Get Removed During Fire Damage Cleanup

Some articles cannot remain within a home after a fire because soot particles can get pushed within containers and other areas, including food receptacles, due to hot air expansion during the active part of the house fire. It is not safe to consume any foodstuffs, even canned goods, in the impact area of fire damage.

Appliances Need Inspection Before Reuse

Although the fridge, stove, or other appliance may look "okay" with only the need for any exterior cleaning of the smoke damage, the heat from the fire can ruin the electrical components within the item. SERVPRO technicians always recommended that homeowners err on the side of safety and allow an inspection before the things get reused. It is never safe to turn on an electrical appliance with potential fire damage to see if it will turn on. Testing a fridge or stove without an inspection by a certified industry professional can run the risk of:

  • Shock
  • Electrical fire
  • Permanent damage to the item

Charred or Smoke Damage?

After a fire has occurred, a kitchen can be covered in black, smelly soot. SERVPRO technicians have the necessary training to discern the charred elements from those within the job site that the homeowner can reuse through advanced cleaning methods such as immersion or sonic applications. Charred building materials get removed through careful, controlled demo actions, reducing the smoke odors within the kitchen. Items that need surface cleaning get removed outside the worksite for detailed attention from assigned technicians.

The Challenge of Protein Fires

The fire damage left behind from a pan caught on fire on a stovetop is multilayered. The remnants left behind from this kind of home disaster leave a nearly invisible layer of greasy film on all surfaces in the immediate area. Not only is it difficult to see, but it also carries a strong odor. SERVPRO technicians use professional EPA-approved cleaning agents to remove these tough residues but also assist in eradicating the pungent smell.

Speaking of Odor Control After Fire Damage

No one cares to eat or cook in a kitchen that smells like something burned in it. SERVPRO technicians have specific equipment and methods to remove all traces of smoke odors. This is one of the final tasks before repairs, or needed reconstruction actions occur.

SERVPRO of Loudon & Roane Counties at (865) 986-3015 brings professional fire damage restoration services to the Oak Ridge area. The trained, certified technicians arrive quickly and handle the job from start to finish.

Why Does Air Quality Matter During Oak Ridge Mold Damage Remediation?

12/30/2022 (Permalink)

SERVPRO employee wearing a white PPE suit The right way to correct mold growth in your home is to trust in the experience of a professional remediation team like SERVPRO.

SERVPRO Technicians Have Experience Handling Oak Ridge Mold Infestations

The air quality in an Oak Ridge home with a mold infestation of any size matters. This is because mold spores can be airborne and travel to other areas of the property if disturbed, mainly through the cleaning process. SERVPRO technicians utilize different methods of air improvement applications to capture or port airborne spores off-site.

An Oak Ridge property with mold damage can have a large-scale issue if the problem is not adequately resolved. Mold growth is never something that will go away on its own if the environmental elements creating a hospitable home remain in place. SERVPRO technicians use their equipment to determine the size of the mold infestation and the reason for the colony growth. Frequently seen situations allowing mold to grow and spread include:

  • Water damage, either sudden or long-term such as a slow leak
  • Trapped moist air in crawlspaces, basements, or wall cavities
  • Ignored visible mold colonies

How Does Mold Damage Spread?

SERVPRO technicians take special care to avoid cross-contamination of mold spores during the remediation process by such actions as:

  • Applying barriers over doorways and vents
  • Removal of undamaged items within the work-site
  • Use of air scrubbers or negative air chambers as needed

Finding Mold Growth Behind the Scenes

It is easy to spot when mold damage grows openly on a surface. However, by the time a mold colony is visible, there may be a significant issue within wall cavities, under flooring, or behind wallpaper, to name just a few common areas it is found. Mold needs a moist, preferably dark environment to consume to sustain itself. The moisture can be a giveaway of the location of mold colonies. SERVPRO IICRC Certified technicians use various devices for water collection that show up as locations of blue on an infrared camera and assist in narrowing down the most likely spots to check. The technicians can open a tiny area to confirm the presence of mold and include it in the mold damage remediation service.

How Do Air Scrubbers Assist With Air Quality?

This piece of equipment is invaluable to SERVPRO technicians during any mitigation service where airborne particulate is an issue. During a mold damage cleanup, the air scrubbers run and capture airborne spores before they can float to another area within the home or hitch a ride on shoes or clothing. The maze of HEPA filtration captures and safely holds the spores for disposal. In some cases, the technicians use self-created tubing to create a vacuum effect that pulls air containing airborne spores into the tube and ports them outside the work-site through a window or doorway.  

Use of Antimicrobial Solutions

SERVPRO uses the highest quality and a host of EPA-registered cleaning agents for the surface cleaning to make the work-site inhospitable to mold spores, so they are not likely to germinate within the same spot. The use of sealants on studs and other areas further inhibits the issue's return as long as the property owner addresses the necessary repairs that created a moist environment.

SERVPRO of Loudon & Roane Counties at (865) 986-3015 brings professional mold damage remediation to local Oak Ridge properties. The technicians use the latest applications and equipment to make mold infestations a thing of the past.

Smoke Residues Requiring Fire Damage Restoration in Oak Ridge Homes

12/29/2022 (Permalink)

smoke and soot damage on walls of fire damaged room Various fire sources create differing types of smoke and soot deposits. SERVPRO is trained to restore all kinds of fire damage.

Fire Damage Restoration Through Soot Removal

Soot is one of the priorities of fire restoration services because prolonged exposure can destroy the materials underneath where these particles land. We have multiple products that can manage specific aspects of soot cleanup, from corrosivity to staining. Three common types of this damage include:

  • Dry Smoke
  • Wet Smoke
  • Protein Deposits

Dry Smoke Deposits

Fire damage restoration for Oak Ridge homes often hinges on professional recovery professionals like our SERVPRO team. We must evaluate the property's condition after combustion, as soot deposits threaten the structure. Among the easiest types of this damage to manage is dry smoke resulting from high heat and nearly total burning of materials affected. The product is a thin and chalky residue on surfaces capable of getting removed with tools and products like chemical sponges. 

Wet Smoke Residues

Wet smoke is among the more tough smoke soils to remove, mainly because of the moist conditions of the property. Wet smoke results from smoldering fires that do not reach as excessive of temperatures. In this case, partial combustion occurs in all affected areas, creating a challenging soil deposit on horizontal surfaces. Alkaline cleaners and abrasive media blasting can be beneficial in removing formidable wet smoke without destroying the substrate affected.

Grease/Protein Fire Byproducts

Kitchen fires comprise a high percentage of the residential fire damage cleanup and repair work our SERVPRO team conducts. Stovetop fires deposit grease and protein residues on surfaces like cabinets and countertops. Beyond the potent, offensive smells accompanying this thick soiling, solvents must get utilized to break down the residues and preserve the underlying materials.

The type of smoke and fire damage your home experiences will require various cleaning and restoration solutions. We carefully evaluate the state of your house and can provide efficient solutions to get back to preloss condition. Call SERVPRO of Loudon & Roane Counties at (865) 986-3015. 

Hire SERVPRO to Hande Commercial Water Damage in Lenoir City

11/21/2022 (Permalink)

SERVPRO on job-site When commercial damage restoration is needed, your first call should be to SERVPRO. We are ready at a moment's notice.

Commercial Water Damage in Lenoir City Calls for Expertise 

Commercial water damage is among the most expensive and frequent issues faced by small and large businesses. Statistics indicate that about 75% of losses experienced emanate from leakages connected to HVAC systems, plumbing systems, and appliances. There is loss of property, repair and restoration expenses, and suspension of any business activities if the damages are extensive.

The business owners dealing with commercial water damage in Lenoir City need not have sleepless nights because SERVPRO is there to take care of the situation for you. The steps we take to get your business running differ based on the situation. Some of the losses you are likely to incur in your business include the following:

  • Loss of revenue.
  • Loss of clients.
  • Loss of employees.
  • A potential stopping or closing of the business.

Our team can inspect the structures and contents of your place of business to determine which ones to keep or discard. Stabilization of the building and its restoration are SERVPRO’s main strategies when we arrive on-site to ensure we minimize the above-mentioned losses. We have extensive experience in restoring commercial properties following water damage. We use advanced equipment, including electrical submersible pumps, centrifugal air movers, and desiccant dehumidifiers, to restore buildings to preloss condition. Therefore, you can have absolute confidence in us.

Preventing mold growth is vital in SERVPRO’s restoration process since mold cannot just make the building lose its aesthetic appeal. It can eat away at it and critically compromise its structural integrity if not handled fast and with care. The Federal Emergency Management Authority (FEMA) states that mold can grow within the first 48 hours of exposure and continue until the moisture source is handled and the existing mold spores are killed.

To deal with this, SERVPRO has a range of antimicrobials that apply to specific conditions. They include chemical compounds classified as germicides, disinfectants, virucides, sporicides, fungicides, sanitizers, and mildewcides.

For high-quality restoration services from well-trained and equipped technicians, contact SERVPRO of Loudon & Roane Counties at (865) 986-3015. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster.

Quickly Clearing Floodwater from Loudon Basements

9/28/2022 (Permalink)

SERVPRO restoration equipment being used on water damaged hardwood floors Basements can quickly become overwhelmed with floodwater, but no worries! SERVPRO is always on call!

Standing Floodwater in Your Loudon Home is Destructive and Should be Removed as Fast as Possible

Standing water in the basement level of your home can be challenging to extract and clean. Our SERVPRO team has experience with this restoration and can work quickly to make it “Like it never even happened.”

Assessing the Impact of Standing Water 

Knowing how flood damage in Loudon homes can affect the rest of the property begins with a thorough assessment of the house and where floodwater exists. The initial inspection can be vital to determine the best water removal approach, the vulnerable structural points where water penetrated the property, and any exposed contents requiring attention.

The Tools of Rapid Extraction

Removing standing water, especially those with solids and debris, requires specific extraction tools from our inventory. Eliminating pooling from the basement floors protects exposed wall systems, framing, and supports from greater exposure and harm. Some of the tools necessary for this process include:

  • Gas-powered pumps
  • Engine-driven truck-mount pumps
  • Wet vacuums

Muck-Out and Surface Cleaning

Natural flooding like flash floods or rising groundwater penetrating the exterior defenses can welcome debris, mud, and solids to the property that are challenging to overcome. Muck-out cleaning is a specific process for flood recovery after extraction to shovel out and remove this debris from the basement.

Securing the Contents

As many use their basement level as a storage space, infiltrating water can be overwhelming and destructive to these personal belongings. Our fast response for mitigation and restoration can allow our team to relocate these damaged items for on-site cleaning when possible.

The basement of Loudon homes can quickly become overwhelmed with floodwater or intruding water from a burst pipe or damaged appliance. No matter the conditions or causes, working fast to protect this portion of your property and prevent more significant harm is vital. Our SERVPRO of Loudon & Roane Counties team is ready 24/7 to help at (865) 986-3015.

Lenoir City Home Underwater or Just Some Large Puddles? Call Us, SERVPRO, We're Faster To Any Size Disaster

8/27/2022 (Permalink)

a flooded living room with furniture floating everywhere After a water damage emergency occurs at your home, our technicians are available to help. Contact us and we’ll make it “Like it never even happened.”

Water Removal Becomes a Major Concern When Flash Flooding or a Broken Water Main Strikes a Lenoir City Property

Lenoir City, a small town surrounded by rivers and lakes, is no stranger to the devastating effects of flash flooding.  Just last year, the town suffered one of its worst episodes of rapid flooding in a quarter-century.  Heavy rains over just a few hours in February of 2019 led to a catastrophic rise in water levels.  As a result, the ground floors of many homes became completely inundated with hazardous stormwater.         

In the aftermath of the rains, residents scrambled to regain some sense of normalcy and restore their water-logged houses.  Fortunately, for them, water removal in Lenoir City was just a quick phone call away.  Teams of expertly-trained SERVPRO professionals assisted many in the area to overcome the disaster.  With their powerful portable water extractors, these technicians were quickly able to access and remove water from even the most difficult to reach interior areas.  In doing so, they were able to effectively clean residences and limit the growth of harmful mold and bacteria.  This cleaning should help home occupants in Lenoir City avoid flood-related health issues in future years.

You can trust in the work of SERVPRO.  The company has been involved in the water removal industry for over fifty years, helping homeowners locally and nationwide prevent and mitigate water damage.  Our workers train to meet or exceed industry standards in schools approved by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC.) SERVPRO has a long track record of successfully handling big and small incidents. We have done work at high-profile sites like the Pentagon, aided businesses save and restore commercial locations, and helped our neighborhood homeowners overcome the damaging effects of even small water leaks.  In Lenoir City, there are no better, faster water-removing services around.                   

Regardless of whether you are a homeowner or business proprietor, your best option for water removal after an unexpected water line break or deluge is to contact SERVPRO of Loudon & Roane Counties at (865) 986 - 3015.  Call us any time of the day or night; we are ready to serve you.

What Solution is Needed for Flood Water Removal in an Oak Ridge Property?

8/27/2022 (Permalink)

a flooded kitchen with water covering the whole floor Flooding in your home can cause many problems. Call SERVPRO 24/7 for a personalized remediation plan for your home. We’re standing by 365 days a year.

The Solution When You Need Flood Water Removal In Oak Ridge

Unexpected household crises create tasks often beyond the experience and capacity of Oak Ridge residents. When flash floods expose your home to severe damage, all might feel lost. Our company commits to providing the communities we serve with top-notch water damage mitigation services, essential when flooding from any cause overwhelms the ability of the typical homeowner to respond to the catastrophe in any meaningful way. Do not despair; we can help.

Flood water removal is a job for professionals in Oak Ridge. If the waters invade from overland flooding, a broad range of contaminants fills the bottom levels of your home. You not only need help to remove the water, but you also must be sure the evacuation includes proper containment and disposal of hazardous waste. Our technicians train extensively in best practices to capture, transport, and discard the flood waters according to local regulations.

Even if the flooding in your home is due to a freshwater plumbing accident or appliance malfunction, SERVPRO works fast to minimize the possibility of microbial growth. Mold spores are always in our homes and need only 24 to 48 hours to activate and grow with the availability of moisture. Regardless of the source of the flooding our motto is “Faster to Any Size Disaster.” 

We use the submersible pumps and truck-mounted water extractors on our service vehicles to remove flood water from your home. SERVPRO can use your electricity or our generators if the flooding also knocked out power. This avoids delays that could expose you and your family to pathogens and risks of severe structural deterioration.

Once we remove the flood waters, including any trapped caches we discovered using moisture meters and thermal scanning, SERVPRO crews begin structural drying. Pumps and extractors move aside for air movers, heaters, and dehumidifiers. The moisture readings that we took earlier form the baseline for drying goals.

Because of the prevalence of unknown quantities of chemicals, human and animal waste, and other hazardous substances in flood waters, SERVPRO also treats affected surfaces and spaces with EPA registered antimicrobials. This sanitization step inhibits microbial growth and helps ensure safety and odor elimination after flooding.

Professional Assistance Helps Reduce Frustration after Flood Damage 

It is normal for frustration to build up when a flood affects your property. The soils, biohazards, and chemicals in the floodwaters ruin many valuables in the home especially if they are porous. The list of items that you might need to throw out after the incident includes carpets, furniture and building materials such as drywall. Even though insurance compensates the losses, some aspects like the time taken to restore the home, and how thorough the cleanup is, frustrate many people. Our professional services help Harriman homeowners navigate these incidents conveniently. 

Taking long before starting restorative processes after flood damage in Harriman leads to the ballooning of frustrations since you are not sure what sort of loss you have to address. Our SERVPRO team helps alleviate this by responding to your call within an hour, and arriving at the loss site within a few hours. Such a fast response is possible because we have fully equipped storm response trailers. 

Inadequate assessment of the damage caused by storms leaves many homeowners devastated, especially if it involves teardown of a considerable section of the house or disposal of many items. Our SERVPRO technicians work closely with your insurance adjuster to ensure all parties involved agree on what needs to be thrown out or saved. We also use advanced moisture detection tools including moisture sensors and thermal cameras to track moisture migration giving a clear picture of the resultant damage. 

Many homeowners are worried about the cleanliness of their homes after a flooding incident. The floodwaters leave different soils including silt, traces of biohazards like sewage and chemicals such as pesticides. A Bad odor might also develop when homes flood. Our SERVPRO technicians take several measures to ensure the affected home is cleaned to sanitary levels. We spray EPA-registered disinfectants into the floodwaters to control microbes. We also use OSHA approved cleaning agents to sanitize any affected areas. 

SERVPRO of Loudon & Roane Counties is ready to respond if flooding damages your home. Call us at (865) 986-3015 round the clock for flood water removal assessment.

What Are the Main Focal Points of Professional Fire Restoration?

8/27/2022 (Permalink)

a fire damaged kitchen with soot covering the counters and furniture and debris covering the floor If fire damage occurs in your home, contact SERVPRO immediately. Our professionals are available to remediate the fire damage in your home.

Our SERVPRO professionals can help protect your Oak Ridge property and belongings after fire damage. 

As a general term, fire restoration and recovery can mean many different specific actions for your Oak Ridgeresidence. After a loss incident, the condition of your property can be an overwhelming sight, so our SERVPRO professionals offer a fast response to get vital mitigation work started immediately. The sooner these actions begin, the less destructive structure fires can be.

Fire restoration for Oak Ridge residences encompasses various actions necessary to return a property to a preloss condition. Extinguishment can be tricky in this regard, as property owners begin to assume that loss effects do not continue or even worsen after a fire gets put out. With conditions like oily residues, soot, and odors, post-fire houses require substantial attention from our qualified Fire & Smoke Restoration Technicians (FSRT) accredited through the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC.)

What is Content Management?

Protecting your belongings is a vital focus of responding fire restoration technicians on our SERVPRO team. We can appreciate how valuable your possessions and keepsakes are, and preventing irreparable damage or restoring these items quickly can be a glimmer of hope during an otherwise dark time. Depending on the situation and the contents affected, the methods of protecting your possessions or restoring them vary. Some of these options include:

  • On-Site Relocation – Migrating loss effects like odors and soot can cause substantial harm to sensitive materials and belongings in your home. Ideally, with a fast response to the damage site, our technicians can remove these items in the path of damaging effects and place them out of harm’s way. 
  • On-Site Restoration – In some situations, residues and odors have already impacted some of your belongings before our technicians arrive. Depending on the nature of the damage and the specific materials involved, it is sometimes possible to clean surfaces and deodorize these contents on-site.
  • Off-Site Recovery – Pack-out processes remove your possessions from the house entirely, taking them to our nearby facility for focused cleaning and restoration with more advanced techniques and equipment. We have ultrasonic submersion tanks, ozone chambers, and other specialty tools to recover damaged items. 

What Steps Are Necessary for Cleaning After a Fire?

Cleaning up after a fire can take some planning and consideration, as several of these steps must occur at specific intervals during the restoration process. Missing a window to implement some of these cleaning and recovery practices could lead to unsalvageable structural elements and ruined contents. Some of these cleaning stages that our technicians must implement include:

  • Fire Debris Removal – For multiple reasons, from shoveling to dry/wet vacuuming, removing heaps and piles of rubbish, ash, and debris is valuable. Debris removal from the residence lessens the severity of odors, soot, and other loss effects. This process also allows our technicians better to understand the damaged area and the restorative tasks necessary.
  • Soot Cleaning – Soot can be one of our technicians' most significant obstacles when restoring fire losses. These carcinogens are acidic, making them a volatile substance to cake to the surface of exposed materials and contents. Cleaning soot involves abrasive tactics like steel wool and brushing, but in many cases, soda blasting or even controlled demolition. 
  • Residue Removal – Oily residues can also be a common threat for cleaning technicians after a fire. When specific materials burn off in the house, these thick layers of smoke and oil residues can adhere to the surfaces of exposed materials. With water-based chemical solvents, much of this oil-based residue can get emulsified and rinsed away. 

Do Odors Go Away on Their Own?

Odors can spread rapidly throughout the residence, making them a distinct challenge for even professional restorers like ours. Because of how widespread these conditions can be, we have multiple tools to handle smoke and other foul odors after a fire loss. From light, handheld units to larger stationery designs that can simultaneously impact thousands of square feet, we can help with your odor problems. Some of these devices include:

  • Thermal Foggers
  • Hydroxyl Generators
  • Ozone Machines

Fire losses can be a considerable struggle for many area homeowners because they might not fully understand their responsibility versus what to expect from fire restoration. Our SERVPRO of Loudon & Roane Counties team can help with a comprehensive solution beginning with mitigation and emergency services and continuing through post-fire repairs and reconstruction. Call us today at (865) 986-3015.

Fire Damage Restoration in Lenoir City is Possible Thanks to SERVPRO

7/26/2022 (Permalink)

smoke rising towards smoke detector Smoke detectors are an essential part of fire safety. Periodically test your smoke alarms and replace the batteries.

Expert Tips to Help Protect Your Lenoir City Home from a Home Fire

We all hear of Lenoir City fire remediation following flames engulfing a home and leaving debris and destruction behind it. However, we don’t always hear of smaller home fires that also upset home life and leave an unfortunate trail of damage in their wake. These less notable fires are not without repercussions and can happen quickly due to human error. Finding the right team to help you handle the aftermath is critical to returning your home to mint condition.

When searching for fire damage restoration in Lenoir City, you will find SERVPRO as a distinct leader in the fire damage remediation industry. Our reputation hinges on the expertise of our crew and knowledge acquired through on-the-field experiences, where we take proven scientific principles to counteract the effects of fire while focusing on mitigating your loss of time and resources. Once you call our 24/7 hotline, our team is dispatched with industry-specific equipment to tend to your restoration needs.

Among the recommendations to avoid fire damage altogether, keep in mind the following:

  • Install and periodically test your smoke alarms. Be prompt in replacing batteries and keep them in working order.
  • Pay close attention to your cooking, and don’t leave it unattended. Kitchen fires, particularly grease fires, can cause extensive damage to cabinets, floors, and appliances, which could become costly.
  • Watch your electrical outlets and their cords. Keep clear of soft fabrics, overloads, and frayed cords.

House fires can happen, but taking a few precautionary steps can help you avoid it. When emergencies happen, SERVPRO of Loudon & Roane Counties is ready to help. Call us at (865) 986-3015 and let us work for you until your home feels “Like it never even happened.”