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How to Choose Effective Commercial Water Damage Remediation Services in Loudon

12/29/2019 (Permalink)

water damage spots on office ceiling Water damage in a commercial building can quickly become extensive.  Contact SERVPRO to investigate and remediate the damage.

Commercial Water Damage in Loudon Needs Fast Action

The regular janitorial staff cleans up a lot of the problems that happen within an office building. Sometimes, such as in the case of commercial water damage, the job is bigger than their equipment. 

When SERVPRO technicians received a call to handle commercial water damage in a Loudon office from a massive ceiling leak, they arrived quickly on-site to scope the damage and begin the cleanup. They used their moisture detection equipment to locate all areas of water for extraction; this ensures nothing gets left behind to cause secondary damages. Fortunately, although the industrial carpeting received a soaking, the water did not run behind the baseboards or within wall cavities. By swiftly gathering up and disposing of the saturated ceiling tiles, our SERVPRO technicians reduced the interior moisture levels, made for a safer restoration service, and mitigated the damages to the aforementioned flooring.

Extraction Equipment is Just One Difference

SERVPRO uses extraction equipment that has the power to pull water up and out of surfaces. They did several passes to remove as much water as possible.

Setting Drying Goals 

The technicians take ambient humidity measures to determine the amount of time and number of air movers it will take to bring down the air moisture to levels that do not encourage mold growth or the formation of musty odors. Then, they carefully monitor conditions in the water loss area during the drying phase of mitigation until the readings meet the preset goals. One of the critical elements of this phase of restoration is the use of dehumidification equipment in tandem with the air movers to actually capture and port the moisture off-site. 

Final Cleanup and Repairs

Once the property verifies as dry, the technicians do a complete wipe down of all affected surfaces with their proprietary cleaners and disinfectants. Once the water loss mitigation completes, the lead technician walks the property owner through the actions taken to ensure they are happy with the results. They report any needed repairs to the plumbing to assist the building in restoration to its pre-water loss condition. 

SERVPRO of Loudon & Roane Counties at (865) 986-3015 is ready to handle commercial water damage and get your business reopened as fast as possible, "Like it never even happened."

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We Have State Of The Art Products To Restore Your Loudon Home After A Flood

12/19/2019 (Permalink)

A roof caving in after a storm hit this home We are Faster to Any Size Disaster and have storm damage experience, advanced equipment, and training to restore your home.

Using Botanical Cleaners in Dried Loudon Homes

Cleaning is an essential step in recovering a Loudon home after a flood loss incident. These disasters can leave your home disheveled, combatting residues and debris, and at the mercy of odors that have moved in with the prolonged exposure to standing water. Contamination is also a potential factor depending on how the flood penetrated the residence. We have many potent cleaning products to suit the individual needs of your house following these contamination threats.

Because of how readily odors and contaminants can exist after flood damage in Loudon homes, the most potent available cleaning products often get utilized. Phenolics, quaternary compounds, and chlorine-based agents are among the strongest and most reliable for removing potential contaminants and bacteria but are not always the best choice for your property. Cutting through some misinformation about the reliability of these compounds, botanicals are becoming a favored choice in cleaning and restoration for many reasons.

  1. Botanicals Are Favorable Smells  

If there is a single gripe from homeowners and business owners about the cleaning products that are most effective for cleaning up after bacteria and other contaminants, it is the smell. Chlorine-based and phenolic cleaners have potent, harsh smells that can even be a health hazard with enough direct, prolonged exposure during application. Herbal products have a pleasant odor, making it easy for residents to stay in unaffected areas of the house if possible – even with harsh odor sensitivities.

  1. Botanicals Utilize Powerful Natural Cleaning Elements

With products that our SERVPRO team can use, such as Benefect cleaners, odors are much more pleasant without compromising the cleaning capabilities of the product. With the foundation of thyme oil, thymol, or citric acids, we can remove even challenging residues.

  1. Botanicals Are Sometimes Required 

In specific structures, the use of botanicals is not only beneficial for fast and more pleasant cleaning but has become required for the restoration process. Many government structures demand the use of botanical products, as they are a greener alternative and can allow for the continued use of a structure despite even widespread disinfection.

Cleaning is a necessary element to flood damage recovery, and often botanicals can be a wise choice for our SERVPRO of Loudon & Roane Counties team. No matter how we can help, give our professionals a call at (865) 986-3015.

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Best Fire Debris Cleaning Practices in Lenoir City

12/2/2019 (Permalink)

fire damaged foyer Do you know how to clean fire damage? SERVPRO does. Call us today for complete fire damage remediation and restoration.

What Fire Debris Cleaning Entails for Lenoir City Homes 

Debris cleanup after a Lenoir City structure fire is often the responsibility of the property owner, though most insurance policies offer some degree of coverage for this task. Often it is easier to rely on the expertise and experience of professional restorers to oversee this cleanup and recovery, as the right tools and techniques can prevent further loss and damage to your house. 

While fire debris cleanup for Lenoir City homes might be a necessary step when disasters occur, many homeowners do not know what to expect. Professionals like our SERVPRO team must approach debris and rubbish removal from a household in phases, all of which fall under the emergency services your home requires before even full mitigation work can begin. Knowing what to expect from our team and even our in-house general contractors can showcase the importance of these tasks.

Ash and Rubble  

Some homeowners might take the term debris removal literally, and rightfully so. A significant portion of these actions involves the shoveling out and disposal of half-burned remnants of construction materials, contents that experienced a total loss, and ash. We can work quickly to remove these piles of dust, debris, and charred remains as these can continue to be a catalyst for odors and other airborne threats. A dumpster may be rented to contain the removed fire-damaged materials and contents from the home.  

Vacuuming Sediment and Residue 

Clearing off surfaces and contents in the affected areas of your home is also a vital element to the initial mitigation approach your property needs. We use dry vacuuming to address heaps of soot and smoke particles that come to rest on surfaces and materials. Dry vacuuming is one of the agitative cleaning practices that can safely reduce residues without damaging the surface beneath them. The focused removal of these threats can limit erosion of construction materials and potential marring of contents. 

Controlled Demolition and Cleaning 

Post demolition cleanup is another element to debris removal, as much of this controlled demolition must happen before our SERVPRO team can begin mitigation. We work closely with reputable contractors in the area to ensure that we can transition seamlessly between this demolition and the cleaning and restoration work yet to begin. 

Fire damages might pose a threat to your home, but our SERVPRO of Loudon & Roane Counties team can help with effective and efficient debris removal and recovery. Contact us anytime at (865) 986-3015.

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What Equipment Best Removes Water From Lenoir City Homes

11/21/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO equipment in storage facility Ever wondered what our warehouse looks like? This is just some of the equipment we have available to dry your water damaged your home.

Why Sump Pumps Can Handle Larger Lenoir City Properties  

Of the numerous tools used to overcome substantial water loss incidents in Lenoir City homes, the standard choice for extraction continues to be electric submersible pumps. Because of their versatility in the field following flooding and widespread water loss, we can even utilize these tools for large residential properties where many areas of the house have become damaged by migrating effects.  

Our crew chief scopes the entire property and its spread of water loss effects to determine if water removal in Lenoir City homes is necessary. Using software like our SERVPRO DryBook, we can document the parameter of the moisture damage. We then design a specific plan of action to begin reducing standing water and drying out saturated construction materials using a combination of centrifugal and axial air movers as well as refrigerant dehumidifiers. Grander properties might also benefit from the deployment of our trailered desiccant dehumidifier to introduce drier exhausted air into damp regions of the house.  

To address standing water, the ideal tool for this task is the electric sump pump. With the lower power demands (115V) of the individual units, along with the continual draw of standing water, our SERVPRO team can regain control of substantial losses. For more prominent properties with several inches of pooled water throughout a level, more than one submersible pump can provide continuous, quiet operation until the water level drops below two inches, where another piece of equipment is necessary to finish the job.  

For widespread demands like sprawling residential properties affected by significant water losses from plumbing breaks or other disasters, we can utilize our industrial-grade sump pumps as well. While the smaller devices can move a maximum of 18,000 gallons an hour, these more substantial units can move up to 6,000 gallons of water a minute. The size demands for extraction tools can get determined during the initial inspection phase before mitigation work begins. 

Though our SERVPRO of Loudon & Roane Counties team has many extraction tools and equipment to choose from, the electric submersible pump is the standard for many reasons. No matter how severe water losses might be, let our professionals help make it “Like it never even happened.” by calling (865) 986-3015. 

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We Discuss How To Deal With Water Damage in Your Lenoir City Home

11/7/2019 (Permalink)

water damage to wood flooring Contact us today at (865) 986-3015 for restoration services in Loudon, Harriman, and Oak Ridge.

How to Deal With Water Damage in Your Lenoir City Home After a Water Heater Leak

When compared to other appliances, water heaters work under tougher conditions because they hold water and transfer it continuously. When these appliances break down, they can cause expensive damage in a home. Water heaters can leak when deposits build up on the bottom of the tank, corroding the tank liner and heater elements.

If the corroded bottom of the tank fails unexpectedly, the water in it and the continuously fed-cold water supply can soak different structures in your home. When your Lenoir City property has water damage that results from a water heater leak, you need to act speedily to prevent further damage. The water released can seep into cracks in the baseboard, floorboards, under the carpets, and many other areas.

Water that gets under hardwood flooring can cause the wood to warp, necessitating the replacement of the affected wood. The water that flows behind walls can ruin the support system and wooden studs. It can also ruin drywall and other vulnerable items. Mold is another problem associated with moisture, and it can cause health problems to the residents of your property. The emergency water extraction services that SERVPRO provides can help you prevent such issues.

We have advanced cleaning and restoration equipment that enables us to restore homes to their pre-incident condition. With our services, you can look forward to swift water damage repair. Our restoration process often includes the following steps:

Using equipment like thermal imaging cameras, our water damage restoration technicians (WRTs) can inspect your home to determine how moisture traveled. We can then take the right steps to restore the affected areas.

Water removal
Our technicians can use extraction equipment like carpet wands, submersible pumps, and deep extraction tools to extract water from the flooring.

Using air movers helps increase evaporation to expedite drying.

Our SERVPRO technicians can use refrigerant dehumidifiers to dry your home and its contents. They work in the same way as air conditioners to remove water vapor from the air. We also monitor the drying process to confirm that the affected areas are dry.

We can disinfect the affected areas to eliminate microbes. Our crew can do the last check to confirm that your residence is safe for occupation.

SERVPRO of Loudon & Roane Counties can handle water loss incidents of any magnitude. Contact us today at (865) 986-3015 for restoration services in Loudon, Harriman, and Oak Ridge. We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster.

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Loudon Commercial Interests Benefit from Scoped and then Executed Fire Loss Cleanup and Restoration by SERVPRO

10/27/2019 (Permalink)

Yellow sign-In case of fire use stairs un hotel SERVPRO Works Hard to Restore Fire-Damaged Commercial Properties in Loudon ASAP

Fast Fire Damage Recovery Helps Honor Reservations at Your Loudon Hotel

The hospitality industry in Loudon faces significant challenges when a fire threatens to interfere with your guests’ travel plans. Visitors look forward to a comfortable room and inviting common spaces when staying with you. If our professional fire recovery team is on the job, we have proven strategies that allow you to welcome your guests while we mitigate and remediate the loss.

Poorly Maintained Lint Traps Are a Common Firestarter
Fire damage in your Loudon hotel can flare if cleaning of the lint filters and ductwork in your commercial laundry is delayed. The fibers caught in each dyer’s lint traps or a buildup in the venting ignite easily and can smolder as your housekeeping staff continues their other duties. Sprinkler systems swiftly quell the flames, saving your building but contributing to a substantial mess that needs immediate attention.

Rapid Response and Full-Spectrum Disaster Services
We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster, and SERVPRO crews hold multiple certifications from the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC). Our broad range of applied specialties means we arrive prepared to implement the plan our project managers devise after a professional assessment of your fire scenario. Our service vehicles stock the equipment and products necessary to start ticking items off the work agenda without delay.

Water Removal Precedes Fire Residue Cleanup
Firefighters augment the sprinkler system activated by the heat and smoke with additional quantities of water. Water incursion is both a safety hazard and a destructive force, even though it is essential to knock down the flames. SERVPRO crews count water removal as one of our core services, positioning pumps and operating extractors to evacuate the area of moisture to eliminate the slip and fall and electric shock potential water presents.

Containment of Fire Remediation Area
SERVPRO contains the fire damage work area for multiple reasons. First, limiting the space permits us to use advanced air scrubbing technology to filter the smoky atmosphere, trapping contaminants in HEPA filters, and venting to the outdoors. Second, containment allows you to maintain normal business operations in other areas of the hotel, greeting your guests and providing them the rooms and meeting areas they reserved. Third, partitioning off the affected space with heavy plastic sheeting and sealing the perimeter using the negative air pressure created by the air scrubbers limits the spread of odors, debris, residues from the laundry room to guest rooms and the other amenities of your hotel.
Call on SERVPRO of Loudon & Roane Counties when a hotel fire threatens to force your failure to honor commitments to customers. Contact us at (865) 986-3015 for a rapid response and practical plan, including cleaning out the clogged traps and ducts that caused the fire to start.

What are The Five Most Common Types of Water Damage on Lenoir City?

10/24/2019 (Permalink)

road covered by rising water No matter if the water is from flooding or a broken pipe, SERVPRO can restore your home. We are available for any water loss event need.

Five Most Common Types of Water Damage in Lenoir City Homes and What to Do About It 

There are five main reasons for water damage to occur in a home, and all of them require fast action. If there is any chance that the water ran under flooring or behind a wall, DIY cleanup is no longer an option. 

Some of the most frequently encountered water removal needs in Lenoir City homes by SERVPRO, in some cases, were preventable. No matter how it happened, to avoid secondary issues, it is advisable to get professional water cleanup. 


Consumer-grade wet/dry vacuums, even the rented ones, do not have the necessary power to extract deeply embedded moisture like the equipment used by SERVPRO technicians. They also scope the property with their state-of-the-art detection equipment to ensure they do a thorough water cleanup job. 

Broken Pipes

A common type of water loss in a home comes from broken pipes. Often a slow leak pointing to a faulty or worn seal suddenly gives way, and an indoor flood happens. Turn off the water, blot, and mop up what you can and contact SERVPRO to ensure the loss area receives proper extraction and drying.  

Clogged Rain Gutters

When gutters overflow, it has the potential to damage the roof and send water inside instead of the downspout. SERVPRO technicians recommend having your gutters cleaned, and the installation of gutter guards or screens inhibits this issue.  

Poor Drainage

Drainage is another mostly preventable issue. As it rains, watch where the water goes, if it runs towards the home or pools around the foundation, there is a problem. Some solutions are to raise the grade around the house, install foundation vents or French drains to assist with directing the flow away from the property. 

Faulty Washing Machine Hose

Faulty hoses are another widespread occurrence. Very few people stay in the room with their washing machine, and if the hose breaks, gallons of water winds up on the floor very quickly. Delamination of tile flooring, water behind baseboards, and subflooring are all common scenarios. Fast water extraction and the use of specialized drying such as drying mats assist with recovery from this type of loss.  

Flash Floods

You can't stave off a flash flood. The best plan of action is when you know the water is a threat, move valuables and furniture away from the most likely entry point and block it with towels or sandbags to slow the progression. Because this type of water is a category three biohazard, do not self-clean and bring in SERVPRO.  

SERVPRO of Loudon & Roane Counties at (865) 986-3015 has the knowledge and equipment to handle any water removal, call us for both fast and thorough cleanup, "Like it never even happened."

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The Science Behind the Equipment Used for Flood Water Removal in Loudon

10/7/2019 (Permalink)

Storm warning Sign Do you have what it takes to remove water from your home? Call SERVPRO today for fast and effective water damage restoration.

Flood Damage Technicians from Loudon Spell Out Equipment Calculations

Storms that strike the Loudon region can cause water to pour into your home. Whenever building materials get wet on the inside of any structure on your property, it is vital to call in a professional flood damage restoration company such as SERVPRO. Our team knows that time is critical when dealing with your wet building materials and contents. We can arrive promptly and begin mitigation efforts right away.

During most flood damage projects in Loudon, our SERVPRO team utilizes a variety of specialized industrial equipment. For example, we have instruments that test materials inside your house for moisture content. We then have access to extraction equipment that can enable us to remove any water while it is still a liquid. Then, during the drying stage, we can set up a combination of air movers and dehumidifiers to speed up the natural evaporation process and structural drying.

However, to properly utilize all of our advanced technology, our technicians must know a few calculations. We often use standard formulas to figure out how to best use the equipment we set up. We can apply sciences, including psychrometrics, to speed up the drying phase and eliminate the possibilities of mold growth on any of your organic materials.

In some situations, a severe storm can leave standing water inside your structure. When this occurs, our SERVPRO technicians can set up submersible pumps to suck up the water and pump it into one of your sewage drains. To figure out how long pumping the water requires, we determine how much water is present by calculating the cubic footage of the standing water. Since there are 7.48 gallons of water in a cubic foot of liquid, we multiply the cubic footage of water present by 7.48 to get the number of gallons present. Then, we divide it by the pump's gallons per hour rating so that we can figure out how much time pumping water requires.

When determining how many air movers to use in a specific area, our IICRC certified crew uses standard calculations given to us by the certification program. The general rule is that we install one air mover in every affected room. If carpets are wet, we set up one air mover for every 50-70 square feet of the affected area.

Getting the calculations right can help us speed up the overall restoration process. To get help from professionals in the restoration industry, call SERVPRO of Loudon & Roane Counties at (865) 986-3015. We are here to help you return your home to the way it was before the devastation of the storm and make it seem, "Like it never even happened."

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Seeking Professional Assistance Reduces Anxiety after Fire Damage in Your Loudon Home

9/30/2019 (Permalink)

Two SERVPRO vehicles in a homeowners driveway. Your Loudon fire damage can be taken care of properly just call us.

We will handle your fire damage in Loudon.

Seeing smoke billowing out of your property or getting a call that your house is on fire can create much uncertainty. Fires have the potential to reduce your highly valued property to a pile of rubble in a matter of minutes. Luckily, fact action quells most fires before they turn catastrophic. However, that is rarely the end of problems for the affected Loudon homeowner.

It Is Easier To Save Items

Items left caked in soot, and other residues is a common outcome when fire damage affects a Loudon home. Most items are salvageable if appropriately cleaned. Fires also open up home interiors to vandalism or damage by weather elements through shattered windows or holes on the roof or walls. Professional assistance helps deal with both problems quickly, thus helping save items. Our SERVPRO teams separate contents into categories of salvageable, unsalvageable, and questionable items. If content move-out is necessary, we also create inventory worksheets indicating which items need light or heavy cleaning. We also board up the structure to protect the contents within.

The Restoration Process is Organized

Restoring property damaged by fire to its preloss state takes several activities from tearing down building material remnants, removing debris, cleaning, and drying the property among other steps. To the untrained eye, it is not easy to tell which steps to start with and how long the entire process might take, which builds up frustration. FSRT, Fire & Smoke Restoration Technician training, helps our SERVPRO team break down the process into stages and groups of tasks, simplifying its implementation. For example, we start with thorough scoping of the loss site instead of diving into restoration immediately.

The Right Equipment

When faced with a difficult task, the mere sight of sophisticated equipment can be reassuring because it indicates that every step necessary to restore your property can be accomplished. Our green trucks arrive at the loss site with a wide range of equipment including:

  • Pressure washers
  • Cherry pickers
  • Surface scrubbing equipment
  • Duct Cleaning Systems

It is normal to feel anxious after a fire incident. Call SERVPRO of Loudon & Roane Counties to help manage the cleanup and restoration. You can reach us at (865) 986-3015. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

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We Act Fast To Limit More Damage To Your Lenoir City Home

9/21/2019 (Permalink)

an air mover removing moisture in a closet An air mover working on finalizing the moisture removal in this home after water damage occurred.

How Our Preparedness Helps Early Work in Lenoir City Homes

We have many ways that our professionals can get notified of water loss incidents that affect our Lenoir City customers. Our first indication of an emergency can originate directly from a customer, from their insurance provider, or even emergency calls made to our parent company. No matter how we get the news, customers can expect that we already have steps in place to approach water loss scenarios quickly and confidently.

While effects like standing water must get addressed immediately, there is time between your initial call to our team and water removal in Lenoir City homes. Once our dispatcher notifies the appropriately qualified personnel of the loss incident, our management in this project reaches out to the property owner to have that individual meet our team when we reach the damaged site. Collectively viewing the damage can help our professionals to better understand what loss effects are most problematic to you and the severity of the damage.

Our conversation with the customer can also help to divulge helpful tips that can lead to faster recovery times when our professionals arrive. While we have many of these tips listed throughout our website, we always work to provide the most practical information to property owners on how to help in the overall water damage restoration scope until our SERVPRO team first arrives at the house.

Our ready trailers at our facility stay stocked with water restoration equipment, specifically our inventory of cutting-edge extraction and drying machines. Because saturation is such a concern, we address standing water immediately with any of our multiple options in water removal tools, including our light wands for smaller extraction needs and portable sump pumps that can provide continual suction in even limited spaces.

We know how delicate water loss situations can be, especially when our customers are struggling to find their place in the worsening conditions. From the time that you call our SERVPRO of Loudon & Roane Counties team, wheels are in motion to get your property back to preloss condition. Give us a call anytime at (865) 986-3015.

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