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What Factors Affect Oak Ridge Water Damage Cleanup Costs?

5/25/2022 (Permalink)

SERVPRO technician removing water damaged hardwood flooring Water damage can soak through the flooring and walls. Contact SERVPRO to ensure all areas of your home are dried properly.

SERVPRO Technicians Help Oak Ridge Properties with Water Restoration

Numerous factors affect the outcome of a water cleanup job within an Oak Ridge property. One of the main factors is the time frame for the restoration services to start. A home with less water that waits for the cleanup job to begin can have a potentially worse outcome than a house with a more significant amount of water where the efforts started immediately. SERVPRO handles each job on a case-by-case basis and attempts to lessen costs for homeowners wherever possible.

Some of the most common reasons that cause water damage in an Oak Ridge property are plumbing problems, appliance malfunctions, weather catastrophes, sewer backups, and ventilation issues with a basement or crawlspace. For the best chance at the least amount of damage possible, it is vital to engage the water cleanup services of a professional restoration company. SERVPRO technicians are trained using the IICRC methods and continuing education to ensure they are up-to-date on the most current advancements in the restoration industry.

Potential Major Losses After Water Damage

SERVPRO technicians work hard to minimize the replacement of building materials and contents; however, here are some of the most typical issues seen:

  • Warped flooring or damaged sheetrock requiring controlled demolition
  • Ruined carpet
  • Damaged electrical system

The Size of the Water Cleanup

The size is a factor that directly bears the cost of the damage to the property owner. A kitchen with water damage may have a significantly lower price to extract and dry than an entire floor of a home with the same issue. Also, when sizable square footage needs help, some of the following factors can affect the monetary outlay of a restoration service:

  • SERVPRO requires more extraction and dehumidification equipment for large-scale water cleanup jobs
  • A sudden pipe burst may be less damaging than a slow leak that took years, ruining the interior walls and possibly harboring mold growth.
  • Appliance failures can result in extreme cleanup measures as high volume leaks can result in huge problems. For example, a broken washing machine supply line can spill up to 600 gallons of water per hour.

SERVPRO Has Professional Restoration Methods for Flooring

The carpet and other floor coverings in a home get attention from SERVPRO IICRC certified technicians using their advanced methods and equipment. Since water migrates quickly, the technicians use their equipment to ensure all areas of water damage, including behind the walls and subfloor, get addressed. The popularity of laminate flooring means SERVPRO technicians handled it regularly. This flooring type has a different reaction than wood or tile. The laminate may not show water damage until a short time after the exposure to excessive moisture occurs as the water penetrates the core materials of the board.

Hardwood flooring may warp or cup in reaction to water damage. However, SERVPRO technicians have the training to remove the moisture from the wood at a steady pace to avoid damage. Water removal too rapidly can result in overly dried wood that splits and cracks, requiring replacement.

Whenever possible, the repair is always preferable to replacement, and the technicians work diligently towards that end during a water damage service. In cases where destruction to the point of no recovery, mold, or contaminated water is the issue, reconstruction or replacement can be the only option for homeowners.

SERVPRO of Loudon & Roane Counties at (865) 986-3015 helps the local Oak Ridge community with all sizes and types of water damage restoration services.

What Special Handling Does Oak Ridge Kitchen Fire Damage Need?

5/25/2022 (Permalink)

Home gutted to the framing with fire damaged studs SERVPRO addresses water damage left behind by extinguishing efforts before cleaning up fire damage in your Oak Ridge home.

SERVPRO Brings the Latest Fire Cleanup Techniques in Oak Ridge

After a kitchen fire in an Oak Ridge property, there can be numerous issues left behind for SERVPRO technicians to handle. This room in the home is commonly the hub for the plumbing and contains more appliances than other areas. The potential for a more significant casualty to home contents from both fire and water damage.

Water in an Oak Ridge kitchen with fire damage can complicate the situation. SERVPRO technicians work diligently to remove soaked items left within the kitchen and extract any remaining water before it can seep under flooring and create further problems during the fire cleanup service. SERVPRO technicians use different methods for water removal and cleanup, including:

  • Extraction pump equipment
  • Hand tools
  • Microfiber towels and drying equipment

What Items Get Removed During Fire Damage Cleanup

Some articles cannot remain within a home after a fire because soot particles can get pushed within containers and other areas, including food receptacles, due to hot air expansion during the active part of the house fire. It is not safe to consume any foodstuffs, even canned goods, in the impact area of fire damage.

Appliances Need Inspection Before Reuse

Although the fridge, stove, or other appliance may look "okay" with only the need for any exterior cleaning of the smoke damage, the heat from the fire can ruin the electrical components within the item. SERVPRO technicians always recommended that homeowners err on the side of safety and allow an inspection before the things get reused. It is never safe to turn on an electrical appliance with potential fire damage to see if it will turn on. Testing a fridge or stove without an inspection by a certified industry professional can run the risk of:

  • Shock
  • Electrical fire
  • Permanent damage to the item

Charred or Smoke Damage?

After a fire has occurred, a kitchen can be covered in black, smelly soot. SERVPRO technicians have the necessary training to discern the charred elements from those within the job site that the homeowner can reuse through advanced cleaning methods such as immersion or sonic applications. Charred building materials get removed through careful, controlled demo actions, reducing the smoke odors within the kitchen. Items that need surface cleaning get removed outside the worksite for detailed attention from assigned technicians.

The Challenge of Protein Fires

The fire damage left behind from a pan caught on fire on a stovetop is multilayered. The remnants left behind from this kind of home disaster leave a nearly invisible layer of greasy film on all surfaces in the immediate area. Not only is it difficult to see, but it also carries a strong odor. SERVPRO technicians use professional EPA-approved cleaning agents to remove these tough residues but also assist in eradicating the pungent smell.

Speaking of Odor Control After Fire Damage

No one cares to eat or cook in a kitchen that smells like something burned in it. SERVPRO technicians have specific equipment and methods to remove all traces of smoke odors. This is one of the final tasks before repairs, or needed reconstruction actions occur.

SERVPRO of Loudon & Roane Counties at (865) 986-3015 brings professional fire damage restoration services to the Oak Ridge area. The trained, certified technicians arrive quickly and handle the job from start to finish.

Why Does Air Quality Matter During Oak Ridge Mold Damage Remediation?

5/25/2022 (Permalink)

SERVPRO employee wearing a white PPE suit The right way to correct mold growth in your Oak Ridge home is to trust in the experience of a professional remediation team like SERVPRO.

SERVPRO Technicians Have Experience Handling Oak Ridge Mold Infestations

The air quality in an Oak Ridge home with a mold infestation of any size matters. This is because mold spores can be airborne and travel to other areas of the property if disturbed, mainly through the cleaning process. SERVPRO technicians utilize different methods of air improvement applications to capture or port airborne spores off-site.

An Oak Ridge property with mold damage can have a large-scale issue if the problem is not adequately resolved. Mold growth is never something that will go away on its own if the environmental elements creating a hospitable home remain in place. SERVPRO technicians use their equipment to determine the size of the mold infestation and the reason for the colony growth. Frequently seen situations allowing mold to grow and spread include:

  • Water damage, either sudden or long-term such as a slow leak
  • Trapped moist air in crawlspaces, basements, or wall cavities
  • Ignored visible mold colonies

How Does Mold Damage Spread?

SERVPRO technicians take special care to avoid cross-contamination of mold spores during the remediation process by such actions as:

  • Applying barriers over doorways and vents
  • Removal of undamaged items within the work-site
  • Use of air scrubbers or negative air chambers as needed

Finding Mold Growth Behind the Scenes

It is easy to spot when mold damage grows openly on a surface. However, by the time a mold colony is visible, there may be a significant issue within wall cavities, under flooring, or behind wallpaper, to name just a few common areas it is found. Mold needs a moist, preferably dark environment to consume to sustain itself. The moisture can be a giveaway of the location of mold colonies. SERVPRO IICRC Certified technicians use various devices for water collection that show up as locations of blue on an infrared camera and assist in narrowing down the most likely spots to check. The technicians can open a tiny area to confirm the presence of mold and include it in the mold damage remediation service.

How Do Air Scrubbers Assist with Air Quality?

This piece of equipment is invaluable to SERVPRO technicians during any mitigation service where airborne particulate is an issue. During a mold damage cleanup, the air scrubbers run and capture airborne spores before they can float to another area within the home or hitch a ride on shoes or clothing. The maze of HEPA filtration captures and safely holds the spores for disposal. In some cases, the technicians use self-created tubing to create a vacuum effect that pulls airborne spores into the tube and ports them outside the worksite through a window or doorway.  

Use of Antimicrobial Solutions

SERVPRO uses the highest quality and a host of EPA-registered cleaning agents for the surface cleaning to make the work-site inhospitable to mold spores, so they are not likely to germinate within the same spot. The use of sealants on studs and other areas further inhibits the issue's return as long as the property owner addresses the necessary repairs that created a moist environment.

SERVPRO of Loudon & Roane Counties at (865) 986-3015 brings professional mold damage remediation to local Oak Ridge properties. The technicians use the latest applications and equipment to make mold infestations a thing of the past.

Fire Damage Restoration of HardWood in Lenoir City

5/24/2022 (Permalink)

charred hardwood flooring yellow hue Fire damage restoration and repair of hardwood flooring after a Lenoir City house fire is possible -- just call SERVPRO

SERVPRO Can Restore Flooring after Fire Damage

When fires get out of control, they send hot smoke and ash into the surrounding atmosphere. Much of this smoke and ash bonds to surfaces on ceilings or upper walls in an indoor environment and can be challenging to remove. Once the flames are extinguished, non-bonded soots fall to the surfaces below, causing floor damage.

SERVPRO is a fire damage restoration service in Lenoir City that can help to repair your home after a fire. A burnt structure often shows significant signs of floor damage that may require technicians to clean at both the beginning and end of a service. Hard flooring can be categorized into four separate groups, with wood floors being among the highest value. Wood flooring has high concentrations of cellulose, which can lead to it absorbing any water used in the firefighting procedure and require prompt drying to mitigate potential loss. Smoke residues can also settle on wood floors, causing staining and malodors. Our technicians can help with:

  • Fire restoration
  • Smoke removal
  • Odor control

Our priority is to clean smoke-damaged hardwood flooring without causing harm to the floors existing finish. That means using non-acidic cleaning products to remove light and moderate smoke residues. Sometimes property fires can release aerosols into the home. Aerosols are volatile particles that can penetrate wood materials through the varnish and finish. SERVPRO technicians may have to utilize more advanced restoration methods in these situations. Generally, if there are signs of aerosol damage to wood floors, we begin by stripping the existing finish. The woods are then cleaned or sanded to remove the residues from the surface. Technicians can then return to the property several times to refinish the wooden flooring to its preloss condition.

  • Refinishing wood flooring without experience and expertise should be avoided at all costs.
  • Sometimes a subcontractor may be used to repair heavily damaged wood flooring.
  • The type of flooring, whether strip, plank, or parquet, can impact the amount of damage sustained during a fire.

If soot or ash damages your floors, contact SERVPRO of Loudon & Roane Counties for fire damage restoration at (865) 986-3015.

Why You Should Treat Water Damage Incidents in Oak Ridge as an Emergency

5/24/2022 (Permalink)

water damaged carpet Restoring water damaged carpets in Oak Ridge is a cornerstone of SERVPRO services

Water Removal Mitigates Property Loss in Oak Ridge

Attending to water damage incidents is always similar to address any emergency. There are certain aspects that restoration professionals look at while at the site. A pre-inspection is necessary to apply appropriate measures to mitigate the loss. We are here to let you know how to handle such situations if you ever face them as a resident of Oak Ridge

Securing your property is one of the first tasks that our SERVPRO technicians do when addressing water damage in Oak Ridge. It is an essential step since there is a possibility of facing hazards at the site. You do not want to face risky situations like unstable subfloors, falling ceilings, and electrical shocks. We can start by turning off the electrical circuits in your property, checking for any visible cracks in the walls and floors, and sagging ceilings.

Stopping the water source and removing any standing water

Here, we can use appropriate pumps and any relevant water extraction procedures to do the work. Since water freely moves around during such incidents, it is crucial to determine the extent of its penetration in walls, ceilings, floors, and carpets using a moisture meter.

Sometimes the water might not have contacted part of your furniture and contents, so we move in and block its entry. Our SERVPRO technicians also detach water-soaked carpets and extract the water from the floor and pad. In most cases, chances of restoring the pads are minimal, and it is our role to discard them after doing the removal. During this step, we also inspect your carpets for bad seams and delamination and determine whether they are restorable or not. With the help of antimicrobials and deodorants, we treat surfaces and contents to prevent the possibility of mold growth.

To enhance airflow rate to the wet areas, our SERVPRO technicians position air movers as per the IICRC guidelines. With time, the moisture content in air gradually increases, and we perform dehumidification to decrease it to acceptable levels.

At SERVPRO of Loudon & Roane Counties, We're Faster To Any Size Disaster, whether mold, storm, fire, or water-related. Call us at (865) 986-3015 if you need professional services that make the difference.

Lenoir City Commercial Water Damage and Moisture

5/24/2022 (Permalink)

beauty salon seating From beauty salons to offices and restaurants--SERVPRO mitigates water damage in Lenoir City

SERVPRO Treats Water and Moisture Removal in Lenoir City

If your commercial building in Lenoir City ever becomes the victim of a water pipe or appliance malfunction, water can flood the building. Excessive moisture inside a structure can cause many issues, including the decreased structural integrity of drywall and the breakdown of carpet glues. Offices and bakeries can have varying aspects of water mitigation issues.

Some materials inside your place of business can resist water better than others. When working on a commercial water damage job in Lenoir City, our SERVPRO technicians use their knowledge of how moisture interacts with different materials when figuring out the project's overall scope. Whether materials get affected by water depends on how readily they absorb water from the air. Sensitive electronic components react differently than booth materials in a restaurant.

Permeance is the measure of water vapor flow through a material. Very porous materials like carpet and upholstery have a high permeance level. They absorb and release moisture quickly. Non-porous materials such as plastic, glass, or vinyl have low permeance factors meaning that they absorb little or no moisture.

Vapor barriers are either waterproof substances or have a permeance of one perm or less. When a material has one perm of permeance, it means that only 1 grain of water vapor could pass through 1 square foot of the material's surface during one hour. A vapor barrier is a material that water cannot pass through or is highly negligible, such as vinyl wallpaper.

Hygroscopic materials easily absorb and hold onto water vapor from the air. Having a high permeance factor also means that these materials can be dried more quickly when they get wet. However, once these materials like fabric, insulation, and carpet get wet, they damage quickly. Once the hygroscopic substances get saturated, they tend to swell. Just as a sponge absorbs water quickly, it can be squeezed to relinquish that moisture quickly.

Our SERVPRO restoration team concentrates on drying out hygroscopic materials first when drying a structure. Next, we work on specialty drying of materials with vapor barriers or other substances with low permeance.

For help with rapid structural drying after a water leak occurs in your office, bakery, or retail shop, call SERVPRO of Loudon & Roane Counties at (865) 986-3015. 

Flood Damage Calls for Drying and Contents Cleaning in Loudon

4/26/2022 (Permalink)

A person standing in standing water. SERVPRO of Loudon & Roane Counties is here to assist with all of your flood damage needs.

Loudon Residents Look to SERVPRO for Effective Flood Damage Cleanup

Rapid action is what any home or business owner needs in Loudon after facing flooding and storm damage. Only certified restoration technicians understand the urgency in these situations, so you can feel confident when hiring SERVPRO to handle everything from storm debris and water removal services to meticulous content cleaning. We are available 24/7 and get to work as soon as we arrive on your property to begin the assessment to evaluate the damage. We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster!

Water mitigation and muck-out cleaning are integral parts of handling flood damage in your Loudon property. We manage standing water, determine the contamination level, and follow the water migration path to ensure no moisture lurks in hidden areas. Because natural disasters like storm flooding come with varying levels of solids, mud, and debris, our Green Fleet comes ready with the best tools for the job, including:

  • Truck-mounted extractors
  • Trash pumps
  • Submersible and gas-powered pumps
  • Wet/dry vacuums

Cataloging, pack-outs, and storage available as needed

In many flooding situations, we must move or remove items so that they can either be cleaned or stored off-site for safekeeping. Our IICRC-certified water restoration technicians (WRT) determine salvageability, and all items get carefully logged using our inventory system. If your items are to be moved off-site, everything will be under the care of our team for:

  • Focused/specialized cleaning
  • Sanitizing and deodorizing
  • Safe storage in our climate-controlled warehouse

Feeling a loss can be overwhelming when your life is turned upside down by a storm. SERVPRO not only acts with disaster-ready teams, but you can also count on our customer care team to assist with your insurance claims process. We ensure all documentation is in order and act as a trusted liaison with your insurance provider to help your claim move smoothly. 

Dial (865) 986-3015 to enlist the help of our crew at SERVPRO of Loudon & Roane Counties for storm flood damage assistance. We are your fire & water cleanup and restoration specialists!

Do Not Wait on Mold Remediation for Your Harriman Home

4/26/2022 (Permalink)

black mold on a brown wall Finding mold in your home can be scary, but you can trust the professionals at SERVPRO to fully remediate the damage "Like it never even happened."

SERVPRO Can Help You Recover from Mold Damage

While you might not have ever experienced mold in your Harriman home before, discovering it now has you questioning what you should do next. The best thing that you can do is to immediately contact IICRC-certified mold remediation specialists to help you through the entire process. Such a process can both safely remove the growing colonies and prevent the spores from extending to all areas of your home and continuing the present damage.

Your Harriman home was not built to have both your family and mold damage. With the high volume of organic materials that go into the construction of your house, it is a virtual buffet for thriving mold colonies, and they can ruin everything that they become seated into or spread out to reach. It is now fundamental knowledge that mold can cause health effects, regardless of the variety that is present in your home, so this is a condition that you should consider paramount and have the situation resolved as soon as possible.

As with any mold situation, sectioning off the affected area from the rest of your house is crucial to prevent the spread of active spores to new areas. For this reason, air circulation equipment for your home gets turned off for the duration of the remediation process. By doing this, spores do not have a chance to be sucked into vents and exhausts to find a home in another damp area of your house.

The removal of mold colonies is an involved process that requires personal protective equipment to be worn by our SERVPRO technicians and state-of-the-art equipment to penetrate deeply into the surfaces housing mold colonies to eradicate the entire hyphae.

Dehumidification plays a critical role in the remediation process as well. Our certified professionals set up high-grade dehumidifiers to pull the moisture from the air and remove the food source mold spores need to grow and thrive. Preventing this might need to be ongoing, and you could get tasked with continuing to dehumidify the area for the foreseeable future if traditional waterproofing methods fail.

When you find mold in your home, you do not have to worry about it for a long time. When you reach out to SERVPRO of Loudon & Roane Counties, you reach out to professional and certified remediation specialists who can help you through the process. Give us a call today at (865) 986-3015.

Commercial Water Removal for Harriman Senior Residences

4/26/2022 (Permalink)

A woman in blue scrubs pushing a person in a wheel chair SERVPRO understands it is important to keep your residents safe and works quickly to remove water and restore your senior care facility.

SERVPRO Works Quickly to Keep Senior Care Facilities Safe

Every Harriman business experiences some level of water intrusion in their life. Although flooding from the outside can be very destructive, most businesses are more familiar with the damage caused by split water lines and failed plumbing.

Commercial water removal for Harriman businesses is vital to customer support, but it is also a matter of quality of life for a few of them. Senior care facilities have to keep a clean, dry, and safe environment for their residents. With more than twenty years of serving our fellow Tennesseans, SERVPRO understands exactly how important this is for the seniors and the concerns of their families. We maintain a 24-hour, on-call response team to ensure fast support.

Our first task is to stop more water from coming into the common areas and individual rooms. If parts of the building are not affected, and some of the residents are going about their normal routines, we cannot simply turn off the water main as we could at a retail operation.

What our IICRC certified technicians can do is shut down the water to individual floors and locations like individual or visitor bathrooms and the kitchen. If the problem is a loose connection or some other minor problem, we can fix that. When there is a major failure in the system, we recommend calling in a licensed plumber.

Once we do halt the water intrusion, SERVPRO technicians clear out the water. If the level is around ankle-deep or higher, we begin with commercial grade water pumps to remove the bulk of the flooding. For lower levels, or when the pumps are no longer effective, we use extraction wands to remove the majority of the water still clinging to the surface. They are also very useful for drawing water out of rugs and carpets.

This takes care of most of the water, but that may not provide a safe enough environment for seniors. We will set up air movers to push warm, dry air over the carpets, tile, and wood floors if needed to dry the floors thoroughly. Technicians can also install exhaust fans at the exits to pull any damp air out of the facility to reduce the drying time.

Water removal needs to be accomplished quickly to ensure our more vulnerable and at-risk citizens remain in a safe environment even when disaster strikes. If you need our services for a senior care home or any other business, call SERVPRO of Loudon & Roane Counties today at (865) 986-3015. We are here to help.

Why Smoke Odors Are a Challenging Fire Damage for Lenoir City

3/27/2022 (Permalink)

a fire damaged living room with debris on the floor and soot covering the walls When dealing with fire damage, odors can often remain when not remediated properly. Contact SERVPRO to assess and mitigate the scenario in your home.

Fire Damage from Smoke Malodors Impacts Lenoir City Properties Severely

There are many layers and phases of fire restoration and recovery for your home. It is necessary to approach these situations urgently, and your insurance provider will want experienced and reputable restoration professionals to help. We can aid in overcoming smoke damage like odors in your home after a disaster.

Open-Air Odors

Considering the many ways fire damage in Lenoir City homes and businesses can develop and spread, having effective strategies to combat smoke damage and its related effects is crucial. This begins with addressing airborne contaminants and smoke solids that make the environment dangerous for house occupants. HEPA filtration can also help to address harsh odors in the work area.

Trapped Smells in Soft Materials

  • Clothing – Clothing and other soft materials can absorb smoke odors quickly with their high porosity. Thermal fogging can often reduce or even remove trapped odors in these materials, but dry cleaning might also be needed in more extreme cases.
  • Furniture – It is necessary to quickly address any furniture that has absorbed smoke orders, especially the upholstery. We have specific cleaning technicians certified in upholstery and fabric cleaning (UFT) to help.
  • Carpets – Carpets can also rapidly absorb smoke odors into the fibers and padding layers. When combined with vaporous deodorization practices, cleaning the carpet with hot water extraction or bonnet cleaning tools can often overcome these threats.

Damage to Contents

In addition to the damage that odors can cause to the open areas and specific contents of your home able to absorb this damage, we must also consider how threatening malodors can be to large groups of personal belongings and keepsakes in the house. Even with the ability to clean these materials from soot deposits, it is often necessary to relocate them to our nearby SERVPRO facility for deodorization with our ozone chamber.

Trust in our SERVPRO of Loudon & Roane Counties team when fire damages threaten your home. We can help 24/7 at (865) 986-3015.