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Why Does Air Quality Matter During Oak Ridge Mold Damage Remediation?

11/22/2022 (Permalink)

SERVPRO employee wearing a white PPE suit The right way to correct mold growth in your home is to trust in the experience of a professional remediation team like SERVPRO.

SERVPRO Technicians Have Experience Handling Oak Ridge Mold Infestations

The air quality in an Oak Ridge home with a mold infestation of any size matters. This is because mold spores can be airborne and travel to other areas of the property if disturbed, mainly through the cleaning process. SERVPRO technicians utilize different methods of air improvement applications to capture or port airborne spores off-site. 

An Oak Ridge property with mold damage can have a large-scale issue if the problem is not adequately resolved. Mold growth is never something that will go away on its own if the environmental elements creating a hospitable home remain in place. SERVPRO technicians use their equipment to determine the size of the mold infestation and the reason for the colony growth. Frequently seen situations allowing mold to grow and spread include:

  • Water damage, either sudden or long-term such as a slow leak 
  • Trapped moist air in crawlspaces, basements, or wall cavities
  • Ignored visible mold colonies

How Does Mold Damage Spread?

SERVPRO technicians take special care to avoid cross-contamination of mold spores during the remediation process by such actions as:

  • Applying barriers over doorways and vents
  • Removal of undamaged items within the work-site
  • Use of air scrubbers or negative air chambers as needed

Finding Mold Growth Behind the Scenes

It is easy to spot when mold damage grows openly on a surface. However, by the time a mold colony is visible, there may be a significant issue within wall cavities, under flooring, or behind wallpaper, to name just a few common areas it is found. Mold needs a moist, preferably dark environment to consume to sustain itself. The moisture can be a giveaway of the location of mold colonies. SERVPRO IICRC Certified technicians use various devices for water collection that show up as locations of blue on an infrared camera and assist in narrowing down the most likely spots to check. The technicians can open a tiny area to confirm the presence of mold and include it in the mold damage remediation service. 

How Do Air Scrubbers Assist With Air Quality?

This piece of equipment is invaluable to SERVPRO technicians during any mitigation service where airborne particulate is an issue. During a mold damage cleanup, the air scrubbers run and capture airborne spores before they can float to another area within the home or hitch a ride on shoes or clothing. The maze of HEPA filtration captures and safely holds the spores for disposal. In some cases, the technicians use self-created tubing to create a vacuum effect that pulls air containing airborne spores into the tube and ports them outside the work-site through a window or doorway.   

Use of Antimicrobial Solutions

SERVPRO uses the highest quality and a host of EPA-registered cleaning agents for the surface cleaning to make the work-site inhospitable to mold spores, so they are not likely to germinate within the same spot. The use of sealants on studs and other areas further inhibits the issue's return as long as the property owner addresses the necessary repairs that created a moist environment. 

SERVPRO of Loudon & Roane Counties at (865) 986-3015 brings professional mold damage remediation to local Oak Ridge properties. The technicians use the latest applications and equipment to make mold infestations a thing of the past.

Do Not Wait on Mold Remediation for Your Harriman Home

4/26/2022 (Permalink)

black mold on a brown wall Finding mold in your home can be scary, but you can trust the professionals at SERVPRO to fully remediate the damage "Like it never even happened."

SERVPRO Can Help You Recover from Mold Damage

While you might not have ever experienced mold in your Harriman home before, discovering it now has you questioning what you should do next. The best thing that you can do is to immediately contact IICRC-certified mold remediation specialists to help you through the entire process. Such a process can both safely remove the growing colonies and prevent the spores from extending to all areas of your home and continuing the present damage.

Your Harriman home was not built to have both your family and mold damage. With the high volume of organic materials that go into the construction of your house, it is a virtual buffet for thriving mold colonies, and they can ruin everything that they become seated into or spread out to reach. It is now fundamental knowledge that mold can cause health effects, regardless of the variety that is present in your home, so this is a condition that you should consider paramount and have the situation resolved as soon as possible.

As with any mold situation, sectioning off the affected area from the rest of your house is crucial to prevent the spread of active spores to new areas. For this reason, air circulation equipment for your home gets turned off for the duration of the remediation process. By doing this, spores do not have a chance to be sucked into vents and exhausts to find a home in another damp area of your house.

The removal of mold colonies is an involved process that requires personal protective equipment to be worn by our SERVPRO technicians and state-of-the-art equipment to penetrate deeply into the surfaces housing mold colonies to eradicate the entire hyphae.

Dehumidification plays a critical role in the remediation process as well. Our certified professionals set up high-grade dehumidifiers to pull the moisture from the air and remove the food source mold spores need to grow and thrive. Preventing this might need to be ongoing, and you could get tasked with continuing to dehumidify the area for the foreseeable future if traditional waterproofing methods fail.

When you find mold in your home, you do not have to worry about it for a long time. When you reach out to SERVPRO of Loudon & Roane Counties, you reach out to professional and certified remediation specialists who can help you through the process. Give us a call today at (865) 986-3015.

Is Eating Canned Food Safe After Loudon Fire Damage Restoration?

1/24/2022 (Permalink)

trash bin with burning food cans SERVPRO recommends to our Oak Ridge neighbors to toss fire damaged food, we can take care of cleaning up your home

Post-Fire Food Safety Assessment Experience: Why SERVPRO's Guidance Is Reliable

During Oak Ridge fire damage restoration, smoke, heat, and charring suffered by food and drinks cause safety concerns. If food sustains contamination or undergoes toxic chemical changes, house fire clean-up must include disposal of these tainted items.

Can Cleaning Interventions Make Fire Damaged Foods and Beverages Safe to Ingest?

Unfortunately, even innovative cleaning strategies cannot restore the safety of fire-damaged food in Oak Ridge homes. Understanding which consumables have crossed the line from edible to dangerous is vital to health and well-being, why SERVPRO helps homeowners sort the food in pantries as part of our fire mitigation and remediation services. Follow our recommendations to retain only foods completely unadulterated by a household fire's effects.

Which Foods Need Disposal During Oak Ridge Fire Damage Restoration?

One of the most common reasons why SERVPRO recommends tossing out food after a fire is the spoilage caused by high temperatures. Even food in sealed jars and cans harbor toxins after heat exposure because:

  • Elevated temperatures cause tiny cracks or seal breakage, permitting contaminants to enter.
  • Plastic containers or liners inside glass or metal can melt, leaching hazardous substances into the canned or jarred food.
  • Heat can activate food spoilage bacteria inside a sealed vessel.

Can Soot Infiltrate Seals and Contaminate Food?

Heat is not the only danger to canned, jarred, and vacuum-sealed packaged food. Microscopic soot particles can intrude through seals of professionally prepared as well as home-canned or bagged food. For example, soot can "climb" the ridges of a screw top, invading unopened containers after a residential fire. The act of twisting off the top of a bottle or jar, using a can opener, or tearing or cutting open a bag of food might introduce soot residues on the surface of the containers. The uncertainty of contamination is why SERVPRO often recommends discarding unopened jars and plastic packs.

Familiarity with the science of fire damage and food contamination is why SERVPRO of Loudon & Roane Counties offers trustworthy advice during food storage space cleanup. Call (865) 986-3015 for a consultation.

SERVPRO Provides Mold Damage Remediation and Removal in Lenoir City

1/7/2022 (Permalink)

"Mold inspection" Count on the professionals at SERVPRO if you find and remove mold damage in your home.

Need Mold Inspection and Mold Damage Remediation in Lenoir City – Call SERVPRO

Mold infestations can occur anytime moisture, warmth, and food are abundant in our Lenoir City homes. High moisture levels caused by unventilated showers, leaky pipes, and even condensation from air conditioning provide great environments for mold spores to grow into colonies. Many homeowners do not realize they have a mold issue in their homes until they notice a strong, musty odor coming from one area of the house. Shower stalls, under sinks, under air conditioning units, and near leaky windows are common locations for finding a mold colony.

SERVPRO provides mold damage remediation in Lenoir City and the surrounding area. While mold is present almost everywhere, it is not until a colony becomes established that residents notice the musty odor attributable to a thriving mold colony. We urge homeowners to take action immediately once they see mold growing or smell the telltale odor of mold. Mold can cause health effects in many individuals.

Our team is well equipped to deal with mold removal and remediation challenges. Our SERVPRO team is highly trained in mold remediation, and we have specialized equipment on hand to deal with mold infestations. We are required by state laws to follow the specific inspection and documentation protocols for mold infestations. Our team can provide advice and the best approach for the process, depending on your unique situation.

If you notice mold growing or smell the odor in the air, don’t hesitate to request assistance from our team of experts. We can help by providing:

  • Inspections of mold contamination
  • Mold remediation
  • Removal of mold in bathrooms, attics, and anywhere mold colonies have become established

Call SERVPRO of Loudon & Roane Counties in Lenoir City and nearby areas. We can help 24/7. Call (865) 986-3015.

Why Is SERVPRO’s Fire Damage Restoration Service One of the Best in Lenoir City?

12/16/2021 (Permalink)

fire damsge After a fire incident takes place. You can trust that your home is in good hands with the experienced technicians at SERVPRO.

It is Because of Our Vast Fire Damage Restoration Resources and Dedication to Clients.

Lenoir City is home to numerous fire damage restoration firms, but not all are of the same quality. Many do not possess the resources necessary to clean up and restore all forms of fire damage effectively, while others may not seem as connected to their clients. Fortunately, SERVPRO is one of the better companies out there.

House fires are a relatively common occurrence in Lenoir City, which makes fire damage restoration services like SERVPRO’s essential to local homeowners. In the aftermath of residential fires, fire-damaged homes generally require extensive house fire clean-up efforts, smoke remediation, and fire damage restoration work. While several area companies can remediate such issues, SERVPRO is usually better able to perform the work for the following reasons: 

  • We have a team of skilled technicians with decades worth of combined experience in the fire damage cleanup and restoration industry
  • Our equipment is wide-ranging and cutting-edge, so we can often complete complex jobs that many other companies can’t
  • We are locally based, with resources close at hand, and our skilled technicians live and work in the communities they serve
  • Our experts are intensely dedicated to their clients, which often earns SERVPRO the highest customer satisfaction ratings on Facebook, Google Reviews, and Yelp

In each of these ways, SERVPRO generally outperforms other area fire damage restoration firms.

So, whenever you need fire damage restoration work done, remember that your neighbors at SERVPRO of Loudon & Roane Counties are always here to help. Regardless of the time of day or day of the week, we are ready for your call. Contact us anytime at (865) 986-3015 for assistance.

How Is SERVPRO Better Than Other Mold Removal Companies in Loudon?

11/23/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO technicians in PPE SERVPRO professionals are trained to handle every level of mold damage, Including the odors that come with it. Call us today, we are always available.

SERVPRO’s Experts in Loudon Are among the Most Highly Trained in the Industry.

In Loudon, successful remediation of mold and its effects requires the right professional knowledge and experience. SERVPRO technicians have the right specialized training and accumulated, work-related knowledge to expertly clean up and restore damage caused by mold growths.

When evaluating Loudon mold removal companies like SERVPRO in your search for the best one to handle your mold-related issues, it’s crucial to examine the credentials of their experts. You need to find out what organization trains and certifies a company’s mold specialists, if that organization is reputable, and if the mold removal company’s technicians are qualified to perform services such as mold inspection, mold removal, and black mold damage repairs. 

Some of the Specific Qualifications of SERVPRO’s Mold Remediation Experts Are:

  • Professional credentials from the highly respected Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) in various mold remediation topics
  • Specialized training in handling water issues, including education in applied structural drying and water damage restoration techniques
  • Training in applied microbial remediation, upholstery & fabric restoration, and carpet cleaning to eliminate microbial threats and clean up their effects 
  • Certification in odor control that indicates our technicians’ advanced skills in eliminating the unpleasant, persistent smells of mold damage 
  • Decades of combined mold remediation experience performing everything from mold inspections to extensive black mold damage repairs

With all of this in mind, know that your friends at SERVPRO of Loudon & Roane Counties are always here and ready to assist you with all your mold removal needs. Regardless of the severity of your particular issue, rest assured that we can likely help. Call us anytime at (865) 986-3015.

What Types of Fire Damage Occurs Most Often in Lenoir City Attics?

10/25/2021 (Permalink)

closeup of fireman's hand holding fire hose; water spraying from hose Water damage usually follows fire damage. SERVPRO knows how to restore your water and fire damage.

SERVPRO Techs Have the Professional Equipment and Training to Remove Signs of a House Fire from Lenoir City Properties

House fires caused by electrical malfunctions in Lenoir City attics are common reasons for needing mitigation. These areas are a hub of electrical wiring, plumbing, and often mechanicals for the home. When one of these systems sparks or fails, the result can be a fire. 

SERVPRO handles cleanup of fire damage in Lenoir City attic spaces and all the nuances this type of restoration service entails, such as:

  • Removing corrosive soot from surfaces
  • Removal of building materials and insulation as needed
  • Checking HVAC and ductwork for smoke damage

A fire in an attic can also affect the roof and floors below. Water damage from extinguishing the fire can seep through ceilings below the attic and cause a need for drying and possibly removing a sagging ceiling depending on the amount of water wicked into the building materials. Flames in an attic can easily damage a roof. If necessary, SERVPRO technicians can set up temporary repairs to inhibit water entry into the home through a damaged roof. 

Many residents use their attics for additional storage space. Soot generated during a fire can become airborne and travel inside boxes covering the contents inside with smelly smoke damage. SERVPRO technicians can inspect items and determine the best way to clean them for reuse by the residents. The goal is to curtail the number of things that require replacement and save homeowners money whenever possible. 

To limit the potential for the spread of soot outside the attic, containment over entrances and measures such as negative air chambers assist with keeping soot particles from winding up in other areas of the home. 

SERVPRO of Loudon & Roane Counties at (865) 986-3015 brings professional fire damage restoration services to Lenoir City properties and can handle house fire cleanup in an attic or any area of the home. 

Why Choose SERVPRO to Manage Mold Damage in Lenoir City

6/10/2021 (Permalink)

mold on ceiling Did you find mold in your home? Call SERVPRO! We are trained and equipped to restore your home.

SERVPRO Offers Thorough and Effective Mold Remediation Services

Discovering mold in your Lenoir City property can be discouraging to a homeowner. The media spotlight on mold issues in recent years has been unrelenting, and what you hear can be frightening. Take the time to educate yourself about the realities of microbial growth and partner with a reputable mold remediation company to get your life back to normal.

Mold damage is a frequent problem in Lenoir City, and the reasons you experience it in your home are usually straightforward. Mold reproduces through spores, tiny particles that are present everywhere. Mold spores need water to grow and typically have no problem finding a moisture source outdoors.

Mold has the essential job of breaking down organic plant and animal materials, and if it were not available to do that task, outdoor debris would become unmanageable.

When water soaks into the structure of your dwelling, the spores floating or settled on surfaces swell and begin growing into colonies within 24 to 48 hours. Immediate response to any water damage is the key to avoiding mold growth, and SERVPRO’s water damage teams can remove moisture fast, minimizing the risk of damage from the mold.

Unfortunately, water damage often hides, and mold does not need light to multiply. Any organic surface such as wood framing, drywall, wallpaper, insulation, carpeting, and many more examples of common building materials and fixtures, sustain mold development if water is available. If a musty smell is noticeable, staining, and feathery or leathery growths of any color occur, a mold remediation assessment by SERVPRO is a must.

Mold Damage Remediation in Lenoir City

Our mold remediation crew trains to contain and remove the offending microbial infestation. SERVPRO technicians use the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) protocols to handle a mold outbreak. They are certified by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification (IICRC) as Applied Microbial Remediation Specialists.

We take care to contain the outbreak, using physical barriers or equipment such as negative pressure air scrubbers to prevent moldy debris from circulating throughout your property during remediation. SERVPRO crews then remove the mold and any porous surface infiltrated, bagging the debris for appropriate disposal according to local hazardous waste rules. The affected area is sanitized with effective antimicrobials, and lingering debris is evacuated with vacuums equipped with HEPA filters.

The moisture source must be identified and then eliminated. SERVPRO monitors moisture levels in the air and structures until satisfied mold growth is unsustainable. Repairs of leaky plumbing or roofs need completion. Humidity levels must be reduced permanently to between 30 and 50 percent to prevent future development of the many mold strain spores still in the home.

If you suspect the possibility of mold damage in your home, SERVPRO of Loudon & Roane Counties has strategies that work to eliminate current colonies and minimize problems in the future. Schedule a mold remediation specialist evaluation by calling (865) 986-3015.

Appliance Failure Could Create Water Damage in Your Lenoir City Home

6/3/2021 (Permalink)

top view of clothes in washing machine spin cycle Leaking washing machines cause water damage each year. Inspect your home often for signs of leaks.

SERVPRO Mitigates Damages in Lenoir City Properties from Water Leaks

Appliances in your home are a notable convenience. With all the time and effort they can save you, it is easy to forget that they are just machines. By their nature, appliances are eventually going to wear down and malfunction over time. With an appliance like a washing machine, this could spell a very substantial problem for your Lenoir City residence.

The trouble with appliances like your washing machine is that they rarely give you indications that they are close to breaking down. Something as simple as a bushing that has gone bad near the drum could be enough to cause the machine to overflow and spill water onto the floor. Worse still, the hoses on the back could break loose, allowing water to flow freely through your laundry area unabated until you notice the problem and manually shut off the valve. Considering the water damage this could cause to your Lenoir City home, and you need to know whom to call to help you clean up the mess and restore any harm that the incident might have caused.

Why SERVPRO for Water Damage Repairs

Our experienced SERVPRO team is available 24/7 for any emergency that you might have. Our emergency response crew can quickly assess the damage and eliminate the source of the water damage if that problem has not already gotten solved before we arrive. Cutting off the water supply to the washing machine prevents further incidents while the restoration process gets underway.

Extraction of the water is the primary concern, and there are many tools at our disposal to make this process quick and efficient. Depending on the severity of the situation, we can use everything from wet vacs to pump trucks to thoroughly extract all of the present water and prepare the affected area for drying. The volume of spilled water and the placement of the appliance can significantly magnify the water damage. The faster the moisture can get removed from the air and materials, the less likely that conditions would allow for mold growth. Our IICRC certified SERVPRO technicians even use infrared thermal scanning to ensure that all of the water has been successfully dried from walls, floor voids, and flooring.

If you are dealing with any manner of a water damage emergency, do not hesitate to call SERVPRO of Loudon & Roane Counties. Our emergency response team is available anytime at (865) 986-3015.

When Is Air Duct Cleaning Necessary for Lenoir City Homes?

4/22/2021 (Permalink)

spraying device in an air duct Contact SERVPRO for air duct cleaning in your home.

Airborne dust, debris, and pollutants can make challenging living conditions in Lenoir City properties.

As ductwork and HVAC systems age, they become more likely to allow a build-up of debris, dust, dander, and other allergens or pollutants. The indoor air quality (IAQ) can become directly impacted by these concerns. Because homeowners rarely consider the need for air vent cleaning, a thorough professional inspection of the ductwork network can indicate otherwise.

Is There Air Duct Cleaning Near Me? 

Our experienced professionals understand the urgency some homeowners might have when they believe contaminants or airborne threats might exist in their households. We respond fast to Lenoir City, Loudon, Harriman, and other communities throughout Loudon and Roane Counties.

What Can You Expect with Ductwork Cleaning? 

Each of our air duct cleaning services begins with a thorough and informative inspection of your HVAC system with snakes and borescope cameras. When we have evidence of blockages, throttling, or possible microbial concerns, we can begin removing the build-up using a combination of powerful HEPA vacuums and drill-powered whips, bristled brushes, and other instruments to loosen soils.

Are There Benefits of Air Vent Cleaning? 

Lower Energy Costs After Heating Duct Cleaning:The removal of blockages and throttling from your ductwork can increase production values for the furnace overall. When the system does not have to work as hard to produce the intended results after AC duct cleaning, this higher efficiency can get reflected with lower energy costs. 

Increase the Life of Your HVAC Equipment with AC Vent Cleaning:Specific practices, such as high-pressure air cleaning coils and other vital pieces of your HVAC unit, can improve its performance and increase its lifespan. Similarly, vacuuming build-up and debris during ductwork cleaning can reduce the needed power and production output and potentially extend the unit's life.  

Improve Indoor Air Quality Through Air Duct Cleaning Services:The IAQ of your home can often be directly correlated to actions taken to remove build-up. Moist conditions can facilitate mold growth and other agitative conditions like harsh odors. AC duct cleaning prevents the furnace from reintroducing several possible threatening microorganisms and threats to the property, such as:  

  • Dander
  • Pollen
  • Bacteria
  • Mold
  • Fungal spores

Are Certain Times of the Year Worse for Airborne Allergens? 

Warmer months, especially those encouraging the bloom of trees and flowers, can wreak havoc on individuals sensitive to allergens in the environment such as tree pollen, fungi, or microbial spores. From later winter through the final months of the summer, those with springtime allergies can still feel the effects outside. When these pollen cells become trapped in your HVAC system or keep recirculating through dirty ducts, these springtime allergies could impact you for the entire year inside without air duct cleaning. Many homeowners are shocked to learn that the indoor air quality is inferior to the outside air quality.

How Experienced is SERVPRO with Ductwork Cleaning Near Me? 

With accreditations through various standard-setting restoration firms like the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) and the National Air Duct Cleaning Association (NADCA), we have the training and knowledge to identify threats and clean them safely and correctly.

While you cannot always determine the complete condition of your ductwork and when AC duct cleaning is necessary, our SERVPRO of Loudon & Roane Counties professionals provide honest inspections and never recommend services you do not need. We are ready 24/7 to help at (865) 986-3015.

Managing Mold in a Lenoir City Home Bathroom?

3/10/2021 (Permalink)

mold growing on a wall with the word mold beside it Smell mold in your home? One call to SERVPRO will get you the equipment and technicians to tackle the mold damage situation.

SERVPRO Mold Remediation Procedures Control Microbial Growth

Some level of mold perpetually exists both indoors and outdoors. However, its presence in a home can be significantly reduced by keeping moisture levels low. Unfortunately, plumbing troubles and appliance failures can create conditions where mold can proliferate in as little as 24 hours.

SERVPRO restoration crews are available 24/7 to perform Lenoir City residential mold remediation services with commercial-grade tools and personal protective equipment (PPE).

  • Mold remediation
  • black mold
  • attic mold
  • basement mold remediation
  • bathroom mold removal
  • mold specialists

SERVPRO Education and Accreditation for Mold Remediation

Technicians at SERVPRO, as well as staff and franchise owners, receive education about mold remediation. Techs are certified to perform restoration services per Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) standards. Mold-related certifications for technicians include Applied Microbial Remediation Technician (AMRT).

Courses are also available for non-SERVPRO staff who wish to learn more about water, fire, and mold damage:

  • Understanding Mold in the Restoration Industry
  • Restorative Drying for Loss Control
  • A non-credit Mitigation Awareness Response Seminar

Homeowners can call (865) 986-3015 for mold remediation services from SERVPRO of Loudon & Roane Counties.

Looking for Loudon Fire Damage Restoration?

2/28/2021 (Permalink)

a fire damaged ceiling that is burnt and almost broken Don’t panic if your home has suffered fire damage. Contact SERVPRO of Loudon & Roane Counties for certified remediation services.

Call SERVPRO of Loudon & Roane Counties for Mitigation

Loudon is a city whose motto is, “Proud of the past and focused on the future.” The town is also the seat of Loudon County and holds a population of over 5,000 as of 2010. The city’s name came from the colonial Fort Loudoun, which was built in 1756.

Loudon’s climate is categorized as a humid subtropical one. This designation features mild, wet winters and hot, equally wet summers. Precipitation averages between 2.9 and 5.3 inches per month, with autumn being the driest season and winter to early spring being the wettest. The city averages over 50 inches of rain per year, much higher than the United States’ 2017 average of 32 inches.

Landmarks in and around the Loudon area include:

  • Blair’s Ferry Storehouse, built in the 1830s
  • The 19th-century Lenoir Cotton Mill in Lenoir City
  • The Bowman House, built in the late 1820s by German migrant George Bowman
  • The Bussell Island site, which contains thousands of years’ worth of Native American artifacts
  • The Cannon-Calloway House and farm, established in 1850 and finished in 1872

East Tennessee and the Underground Railroad

In recent years, historical findings have tied The Underground Railroad to many locations in East Tennessee. The Volunteer State was not regarded as a central hub of the American slave trade, nor was it widely practiced there. Instead, it proved crucial for the abolitionist movement for many reasons, such as:

  • The geography of East Tennessee. Heavily wooded areas
  • The Presbyterians. Famous Presbyterian abolitionists included John Rankin, a minister who helped more than 2,000 slaves escape their bonds through The Underground Railroad
  • The Quakers. The Religious Society of Friends developed a prominent presence in the area after moving from North Carolina to such locales as Knoxville, Jefferson County, and Loudon County

Vital sites for the abolitionist movement have since been lost. A cave where Jefferson County Quakers from the Lost Creek Friends church would hide escaped slaves now sits under Highway 11E. Loudon County is reportedly home to “Cudjo’s Cave,” a landmark near a Quaker meeting area referred to in many oral histories of the abolitionist movement.

How Do SERVPRO Tools Ensure Proper Fire Cleanup?

SERVPRO has the team and skills for:

  • fire damage restoration
  • fire and smoke damage
  • fire damaged homes
  • smoke remediation

When Loudon homeowners require fire damage restoration for their properties, SERVPRO answers the call with industrial-grade mitigation tools, which include:

  • EPA-registered biocides to mitigate potential mold growth from moisture damage or fire suppression
  • Specialized water- and solvent-based solutions to address soot and smoke damage, as well as enzyme digesters to remove protein residues
  • HEPA filter vacuums and negative air pressure equipment prevent contaminant particles from spreading
  • HVAC cleaning and agitation equipment to remove soils
  • Dry fogging equipment for thorough coverage of fire odors

If a kitchen fire occurs on your property, SERVPRO professionals are trained per Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) guidelines to safely remove fire damage and unsalvageable debris from your property. Other items that may require further restoration, depending on the disaster’s severity, can be moved off site to a SERVPRO warehouse.

SERVPRO of Loudon & Roane Counties renders fire damage restoration when property owners call (865) 986-3015.

How Long Does It Take To Restore Loudon Property After Fire Damage?

2/4/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO vehicle Day or Night, SERVPRO Can Arrive for Fire Damage Emergencies. Call us Right Away.

Call SERVPRO to Secure and Expedite Cleanup at Your Loudon Home after a Fire

After a fire incident affects your property, you would probably want to get everything back to normal as fast as possible. However, several factors can impede the recovery process interfering with your targeted timelines. Seeking help from a professional restoration team is one viable way to expedite the recovery.

 A Loudon house affected by fire damage can pose various risks to you or your family should you decide to venture in pre-maturely.  Some of the common risks include:

  • Physical injury from cave-ins
  • Electrocution by frayed wires
  • Respiratory issues from inhaling powdery residues such as soot or ash

Such risks can prevent you from taking action at the desired time.  Our SERVPRO technicians help in such cases since we have the resources to manage the risks.  Our teams are equipped with various PPE, including hard hats, rubber boots, and respirators, which protect them from various hazards, allowing them to venture in immediately.

Once they reach the site, the Fire Restoration Technicians also take steps to secure the property. For instance, we board up or create internal barriers with plastic sheets, thus preventing the unhindered spread of residues, thus improving the turnaround time.

SERVPRO of Loudon & Roane Counties handles all types of fire incidents. Call us at (865) 986-3015 to assist you. 

SERVPRO of Loudon & Roane Counties Now Hiring

1/25/2021 (Permalink)

flames on the left and water droplets on green on the right with We are Hiring! written Now Hiring!

SERVPRO® of Loudon & Roane Counties Reconstruction Superintendent

Do you love helping people through difficult situations?

Then, don’t miss your chance to join our Franchise as a new Reconstruction Superintendent. In this position, you will be making a difference each and every day. We have a sincere drive toward the goal of helping make fire and water damage “Like it never even happened.”

Our Franchise is seeking someone who is comfortable working hard in challenging situations, enjoys meeting new people, has excellent communication skills, enjoys supervising others, and is a serious multi-tasker. If you are self-motivated and have superb interpersonal skills, then you’ll thrive in this work environment. Are you highly dependable and super-excited about routinely exceeding expectations? Then you may be our perfect hero!

As a valued SERVPRO® Franchise employee, you will receive a competitive pay rate, with opportunity to learn and grow.

Primary Responsibilities
1. Customer Satisfaction

  1. Compile and resolve punch list items.
  2. Perform final walk-through with customer.
  3. Secure a signed Certificate of Completion and Certificate of Satisfaction from customer.
  4. Customer Communication
  5. Conduct pre-construction meeting with customer.
  6. Provide project update (daily narrative) to customers and clients.
  7. Construction Management
  8. Schedule all subcontractors and material suppliers.
  9. Ensure all work performed complies with the plans, specifications, local codes, and requirements of the scope of work.
  10. Document all project activities in the job book.
  11. Execute change orders.
  12. Subcontractor/Resource Provider Management
  13. Set expectations on a project-by-project basis.
  14. Maintain quality standards through site inspections.
  15. Provide evaluation and rating of all vendors and subcontractors.
  16. Coordinate inspections with local jurisdictions.
  17. Cost Control and Schedule Adherence
  18. Ensure material suppliers deliver exactly what was purchased.
  19. Ensure subcontractors complete all work in accordance with their purchase orders.
  20. Validate schedule and progress.
  21. Identify areas outside of contracted scope of work..

Necessary Experience and Skill Set
· Superb customer service track record

  • Effective written and oral communication
  • Basic math skills
  • Experience in restoration and/or construction preferred
    Formal Education/Training
    · High school diploma/GED
  • Project Management Professional (PMP) certification preferred

Physical and Work Environment Requirements
Walking and/or standing throughout the day. Frequent driving and sitting. Occasionally climbing ladders. The employee is occasionally exposed to extreme conditions such as heat. The noise level in the work environment and jobsites can be loud.
Normal Working Hours, Additional Working Hours, and Travel Requirements

This is a full-time position, working 7:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m., Monday–Friday, 45 hours per week. This position frequently requires long hours, working on-call, and weekend work. Travel is required and is primarily local. However, some out-of-area and overnight travel may be expected.

Job Type: Full-time

Pay: $40,000.00 - $50,000.00 per year

Professional Disaster Mitigation in Lenoir City is One Phone Call Away

1/5/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO technician consulting with customer If your home needs water mitigation services of any kind, contact our certified professionals at SERVPRO right away.

SERVPRO of Loudon & Roane Counties Offers IICRC-Accredited Cleanup for Lenoir City Properties

Lenoir City is a steadily growing Loudon County community, proud to be a part of the string of Knoxville metropolitan area towns located along the Tennessee River southwest of the city. Thousands of years of Native American history starting 8000 BC to 1000 BC can be found in many of the area’s archaeological excavation sites and was occupied by such tribes as the Cherokee until as recently as the 16th century.

By the early 19th century, however, Revolutionary War veteran General William Lenoir was deeded the land and officially laid claim to it after a legal dispute with pioneer David Campbell. From there, the 5,000-acre plot was turned into a large plantation that was mostly razed during the American Civil War. However, the cotton mill was spared by Union soldiers due to the high demand for cloth and low supply of processing facilities.

Today, Lenoir is quickly growing in terms of both population and infrastructure. Between 2000 and 2019 alone, the population is estimated to have increased from 6,400 to over 9,300.

Noteworthy people from the quaint suburbs of Lenoir City include:

  • Famed country musician Kenny Roberts
  • Author John Bowers
  • Olympic swimming gold medalist Claire Donahue
  • Basketball coach Tommy Bartlett
  • Baseball pitcher Graig Nettles

How Lenoir City’s Bussell Island Became a Historical Site

Bussell Island, formerly known as Lenoir Island, is well-known today as an ancient settlement and burial site for indigenous Americans during the Archaic period, from 3000 BC to 1000 BC. However, excavations of the area did not start until the late 19th century. They were put on hold once again during the first half of the 20th century.

The founding of the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) during the Great Depression quickly proved to be a great boon for Lenoir City’s economy. TVA’s construction of the Fort Loudoun Dam started in 1940 and breathed new life into the local job market.

Another crucial project started by the TVA was the Fort Loudoun Extension, a second dam to be constructed just downstream from the original dam at the Little Tennessee River’s mouth. The goal was to divert water to the adjacent reservoir and increase hydroelectric power produced by the Fort Loudoun Dam. However, sufficient funding for this project was not procured until the 1960s, when the project was renamed in 1964 to “the Tellico Dam Project.”

This project immediately faced challenges by both activist groups and legislative blockades when construction was slated to begin in 1969. Still, the dam was eventually finished in 1979. During the years that the project was stalled, however, the University of Tennessee was able to find several important archaeological sites in the Tellico Basin that were later added to the National Register of Historic Places (NRHP). Among these is Bussell Island, which was given the reference number 78002606.

Lenoir City’s Brushes with Disaster

Development in Lenoir City, particularly during the 1990s, was not without its setbacks. These included:

  • In 1993, an F-3 tornado touched down just west of town in nearby Roane County but eventually migrated eastward. Several crucial structures were damaged, including the former Lenoir City Middle School / High School as well as parts of Downtown and the intersection of 5th Avenue and A Street. 55 injuries were reported as a result of this tornado
  • The William B. Lenoir Hotel and the US 11 block between A Street and B Street went up in flames in spring 1998. The fire spread as rapidly as it did due to the lack of firewalls between each building. Several structural losses were incurred, which included:
    • A Mexican grocer
    • Multiple apartments
    • Lenoir City Public Library
    • Wilburn’s Barbershop
    • A local school photography studio and lab

After the ruins were cleared, a new library, the Tennessee Career Center, and Roane State Community College were constructed there.

The early 2000s saw Lenoir City explode with new commercial developments, particularly along Highway 321. Later in the decade, Creekwood Park announced new developments, and a road was built between US-321 and I-75.

After a several-year lull, construction in the area resumed in 2014, creating new medical offices, The Venue community center, and the Lenoir City Utilities Board’s new headquarters. New shopping opportunities opened in The Market at Town Creek, which now features stores from several major chains and a Knoxville TVA Employees Credit Union.

How Does SERVPRO Remove Water Damage from a Lenoir City Home’s Drywall?

While drywall is a mainstay in most modern homes, it quickly becomes fragile the longer it is exposed to water. SERVPRO technicians are trained to provide professional water mitigation per the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification’s (IICRC) standards. These protocols include standards and guidelines for safely restoring and replacing drywall where needed.

Depending on the location and extent of the damage, processes for drying drywall include the following:

  • Cutting or drilling small holes in wall cavities to facilitate drying with centrifugal air movers and dehumidifiers
  • Removal of compromised insulation in external walls. Some materials, like cellulose or cotton, require replacement. Fiberglass insulation, meanwhile, can often be cleaned, dried, and reinstalled
  • Partial demolition of walls is a must for drywall that shows signs of mold growth, warping, cupping, or crumbling. When the damage reaches that point, replacement is more cost-effective than restoration
  • Ceiling drywall, much like wall cavities, can have holes cut in it to facilitate airflow and dry ceiling joists
  • Water damage odors are removed from drywall using such tools as pump sprayers, EPS-registered biocides, and ultra-low volume (ULV) fogging

SERVPRO of Loudon & Roane Counties is prepared to bring residents Faster To Any Size Disaster service 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Call (865) 986-3015 for rapid-response mitigation and restoration services.

How Can I Deal With Water Damage Conveniently At My Lenoir City Home?

8/13/2020 (Permalink)

water damage in home Call SERVPRO of Loudon & Roane Counties at (865) 986-3015 to help.

SERVPRO Helps Lift the Burden Lenoir City Homeowners Face when Mitigating Damages Caused by Water Intrusions in Their Properties

ou have probably heard stories of the inconveniences other people have dealt with when significant water loss incidents affect their properties, thus prompting you to seek ways to manage the restoration at your property conveniently if the inevitable happens. When SERVPRO handles restoration in Lenoir City properties, one of the perks homeowners enjoy is convenience.

Which aspects of the water damage does SERVPRO help homeowners handle better?
What you recognize as water damage in your Lenoir City property is a combination of many unique problems, including:
    •    Absorption of water by porous and semi-porous materials
    •    Physical changes such as swelling or warping of materials
    •    Chemical changes such as rusting, staining or development of smells

You can deal with the problems conveniently if you have the right set of skills, equipment, or other relevant resources. When you involve SERVPRO, you can be assured of access to the best resources to handle the problems, thus granting you a minimal amount of disruptions.

What good example illustrates convenience brought about by better resources?

One of the crucial tasks performed during the restoration of water damage is tracking moisture movement around the property and identification of any hidden pockets of wetness.  While other companies do physical checks or use moisture meters, our SERVPRO technicians incorporate the use of thermal cameras. These gadgets introduce many advantages to the process, including:
    •    Eliminating the need for scaffolding to reach high ceilings
    •    Locating moisture hidden behind materials without demolition
    •    Faster completion of the inspection process
    •    They provide documentable proof that drying processes work

Although you may not prevent all water-damaging incidents in your property, you can reduce the inconveniences people face during restoration. Call SERVPRO of Loudon & Roane Counties at (865) 986-3015 to help. We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster!

What Is a Good Local Water Damage Restoration Service?

8/5/2020 (Permalink)

"We can help" No job is too big or small. Give us a call any time, we are always available.

In Lenoir City, Services Like SERVPRO Are Usually the Best Option.

Restoring a water-damaged house and its contents is not such a simple process.  It requires the experience of trained Lenoir City professionals that have the right equipment to do the job correctly.

Fortunately, local Lenoir City water damage restoration companies like SERVPRO have the expertise and gear to effectively handle your issue.  Our technicians have extensive training in restoring property impacted by water.  Some of the specialized certifications they earn are:

Water damage restoration

Applied structural drying

Applied microbial remediation

Odor control

Carpet cleaning

Upholstery & fabric cleaning

This industry knowledge enables SERVPRO to successfully remediate most water damage.  We are often able to preserve the structural integrity of your home, save your furnishings, and restore your most beloved possessions.  In many cases, our experts are able to make your home seem like it never even suffered water damage.

What High-Tech Equipment Does SERVPRO Use to Restore My Home and Its Contents?

Our technicians have a vast array of state-of-the-art tools in their arsenal.  This advanced gear makes it possible for them to effectively perform tasks that other services simply can’t.  Moreover, this equipment helps our professionals do your job better and more quickly than they could if they had less advanced gear.  We have an extensive collection of devices that can extract water from and dry your home.  Our technicians have powerful wet vacs and extractors that can rapidly remove standing water from your residence.  They also have high-velocity fans, air movers, different kinds of dehumidifiers, and injectidry systems to dry out your home’s interiors.  When all the drying is complete, we have advanced foggers to disinfect and deodorize your residence.       

Considering all this, if you are ever impacted by a leak or another clean water issue, call SERVPRO of Loudon & Roane Counties at (865) 986-3015 for help.

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Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned – a defensive cleaning program

5/18/2020 (Permalink)

Table tent signs describing the Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned program on top of a wooden table. Our defensive cleaning program gives your business a way forward by providing your employees and customers ongoing safety and assuredness.

Let us help you get back to business

As our communities re-open in Lenoir City, we’re all moving back toward a new kind of normal. The expectations of visitors, customers, and employees who come into our establishments have evolved, and staying safe and well is a top concern. The global COVID-19 pandemic has changed what it means to be clean, and we’ve developed a program to help your business meet the new higher standard of clean that is now expected.

Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned is a defensive cleaning program we’re offering to businesses and commercial locations to address the current COVID-19 pandemic. This proactive viral pathogen cleaning program goes well beyond janitorial or carpet cleaning. By choosing Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned, you, your employees, your customers, and your community can rest assured that you’ve selected a higher cleaning standard – you are Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned.

Extensive training and specialized products

As the #1 choice in cleanup and restoration*, we stand on more than 50 years of experience and expertise to help your business become Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned.  Beyond fire & water, SERVPRO professionals are trained and experienced in biohazard decontamination and chemical spills – always adhering to the cleaning and decontamination standards set by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and local authorities. 

From formulating and creating our proprietary cleaning products, like SERVPROXIDE, at our headquarters in Gallatin, TN, to taking the utmost care while disinfecting, we will ensure you and your business are set up to inspire consumer confidence as the economy continues to reopen.

3 C’s – Consult, Clean, and Certify

When the stakes are this high, you want a partner who has developed an industry leading, proprietary training program, cleaning solutions, and remediation processes over decades. We’ve cleaned up some of the most challenging biohazards imaginable. Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned reflects our unique experiences and capabilities. The program is grounded with our unique 3 C’s: Consult, Clean, and Certify.

  • Consult – Every business is different, which is why you’ll be assigned a Cleaning Protocol Consultant who understands your business and will create a cleaning program to meet your specific needs. This program will be developed based on your business type, size of space, amount of high frequency touchpoints, foot traffic and congestion points.
  • Clean – Based on your specific business needs, your location will undergo a thorough, deep clean, using exclusive cleaning products, according to protocols set forth by the CDC. Our employees have years of experience, and we will go beyond the scope of work that regular janitorial staff perform. Cleanup procedures generally include cleaning of porous and non-porous surfaces, disinfecting of non-porous surfaces, cleaning and disinfecting of equipment, tools, and/or supplies used for cleanup process, and disposal of hazardous materials.  In the event of a suspected or confirmed COVID-19 event, we will be there cleaning within 24 hours to ensure you get back to business as quickly as possible. 
  • Certify - Once your business location has been Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned, you will gain access to proprietary signage, digital emblems, and other collateral that communicates that you’ve selected a higher standard of clean available to help protect your employees and customers. And because we add the day, month, and year to that proprietary stamp of clean, your guests will know that not only did you choose Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned,but that your location is being cleaned regularly at this standard.

Call today for a Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned consultation

We’re Here to Help – 24 hours a day, seven days a week – until life is back to normal in the communities we all call home.

Call SERVPRO of Loudon & Roane Counties today at (865) 986-3015 for your Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned consultation.

* #1 Choice in cleanup & restoration based Commercial Attitude & Usage Tracking study. Polling 816 commercial business decision makers on first choice for future needs related to cleanup & restoration work. Study conducted by C&R Research: October 2019

Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned means professionally trained SERVPRO franchises perform the requested cleaning, sanitizing and disinfection services according to proprietary SERVPRO protocols and recognized industry and CDC standards with EPA approved cleaning products to deliver a SERVPRO certified cleaning experience.  Each SERVPRO franchise is independently owned and operated.

Lenoir Restaurants That are Open or Serving Pick Up Meals Must Step-up Cleaning Protocols

5/18/2020 (Permalink)

yellow gloved hand wiping a blue wall with a pink rag SERVPRO cleans and disinfects following the guidance of the CDC.

SERVPRO of Loudon & Roane Counties is Available to Help

Many restaurants that are still preparing food (often for takeout) have an added responsibility to practice social distancing, protect employees and customers to help reduce the chances of pathogen transfer.

Keeping your workspace in Lenoir professionally cleaned is essential during this time, especially in a small city. Even if you believe you are doing a fine job with cleaning, there may be more that could be done, a higher level of service. Professionals have specialized equipment and access to hospital-grade disinfectants beyond what the public can access.

    •    Proper Application: Many cleaning products must be applied in a specific way and only on certain surfaces. At SERVPRO, our technicians are trained and understand how to use these products correctly.
    •    Training: Our SERVPRO technicians are certified by the Institution of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC.) We have the training, knowledge, and experience to identify the correct steps for whatever situation we face.
    •    Experience Defined: Our expert SERVPRO crews work on bio-hazard cleaning, crime and death scene decontamination, sewage spill cleanup, and antimicrobial remediation every day of the week. We understand how to virus properly perform preventative cleaning.
    •    Information: Please call to discuss your needs; maybe we can help you focus on running your business and reduce stress.

In addition to helping restaurants, we work for other businesses and homes too. Call SERVPRO of Loudon & Roane Counties today, at (865) 986-3015.

For more about Lenoir click here.

Advice from the medical and scientific community regarding how to deal with the coronavirus is based on present knowledge, which is subject to change as the situation continues to develop. There can be no assurance that disinfectants alone will be adequate to fully eliminate the virus. We are not physicians or infectious disease professionals. Consult your medical professionals for individual medical advice.

What Equipment Best Removes Water from Lenoir City Homes?

4/28/2020 (Permalink)

water damaged ceiling No matter how severe water losses might be, let our professionals help make it “Like it never even happened.”

Why Sump Pumps Can Handle Larger Lenoir City Properties  

Of the numerous tools used to overcome substantial water loss incidents in Lenoir City homes, the standard choice for extraction continues to be electric submersible pumps. Because of their versatility in the field following flooding and widespread water loss, we can even utilize these tools for large residential properties where many areas of the house have become damaged by migrating effects.  

Our crew chief scopes the entire property and its spread of water loss effects to determine if water removal in Lenoir City homes is necessary. Using software like our SERVPRO DryBook, we can document the parameter of the moisture damage. We then design a specific plan of action to begin reducing standing water and drying out saturated construction materials using a combination of centrifugal and axial air movers as well as refrigerant dehumidifiers. Grander properties might also benefit from the deployment of our trailered desiccant dehumidifier to introduce drier exhausted air into damp regions of the house.  

To address standing water, the ideal tool for this task is the electric sump pump. With the lower power demands (115V) of the individual units, along with the continual draw of standing water, our SERVPRO team can regain control of substantial losses. For more prominent properties with several inches of pooled water throughout a level, more than one submersible pump can provide continuous, quiet operation until the water level drops below two inches, where another piece of equipment is necessary to finish the job.  

For widespread demands like sprawling residential properties affected by significant water losses from plumbing breaks or other disasters, we can utilize our industrial-grade sump pumps as well. While the smaller devices can move a maximum of 18,000 gallons an hour, these more substantial units can move up to 6,000 gallons of water a minute. The size demands for extraction tools can get determined during the initial inspection phase before mitigation work begins. 

Though our SERVPRO of Loudon & Roane Counties team has many extraction tools and equipment to choose from, the electric submersible pump is the standard for many reasons. No matter how severe water losses might be, let our professionals help make it “Like it never even happened,” by calling (865) 986-3015. 

More about Lenoir City.

What are Some Odd Causes of Mold Damage in Your Property?

4/26/2020 (Permalink)

Icicles hanging from gutter Checking your gutters during the warm months can help prevent ice jams during the cold months.

Ice Dam Formation On Your Roof Can Lead To Mold Damage In Your Harriman Home's Attic

Colder weather means turning up the heat in our homes in Harriman. Keeping things comfortably warm can help stave off colds and flu episodes, as well as protect our homes. Letting heat escape through a poorly insulated roof and exterior walls in your residence can lead to higher heating bills.

Harriman residents should know that a lack of insulation in their roof can lead to mold damage. Ice dams form when warm air escapes through a poorly insulated roof, and this heat then melts the underside of the ice and snow that accumulated. Sunlight melts some of the snow on the top of the snow cover, sending water off the roof or trickling underneath in places where the cover is thinner. Overnight, when temperatures drop again, the top layer refreezes and traps the water underneath. The heat escaping can continue to melt the lowest part of the snow.

The weight of this ice and snow on your roof can eventually push water between shingles. As this water slowly enters your home, it can compress insulation further. This leads to more heat escaping through your roof. The moisture that entered remains, providing the microbes already present with the ability to begin growing in full force.

Installing new installation can prevent ice dams, but many homeowners find that mold damage already exists when they pull out the old insulation. SERVPRO can remediate this microbial invasion and make everything “Like it never even happened.” Any repairs to the roof should also occur at this time, to prevent any leaks or drips that can harm newly installed insulation. Afterward, you can safely install new insulation without worrying that either problem might return.

When mold damage occurs in an attic, many of the things stored there can also become covered in microbial growth. Some items stain easily because of the materials involved in their construction. However, we can restore many belongings to excellent condition. We can perform this cleaning in your home if space allows for our workers and equipment.

Because mold spreads via spores, SERVPRO's technicians set up air scrubbers in the living areas of your house. These machines clean the air and trap microscopic particles, including dust, spores, and small fibers. This is very important to consider if any ducts in your attic contain holes, tears, or breaks that spores might have entered before we remediated the situation.

The Ever-Present Microbe Does Not Mean Mold Damage Must Occur in Oak Ridge Properties

Microbes a new corner of Oak Ridge, and only the unwanted presence of water activates these otherwise harmless microorganisms. Once this occurs, however, and water continues to provide them with easy access to vital nutrients, mold can continue growing indefinitely. 
Homes in Oak Ridge require mold damage remediation to thwart growth and stop homes from succumbing to this constantly growing microbe. SERVPRO's specialists receive training in mold damage remediation and can provide you with specific information about how these can damage your property. 
Microbes can exist anywhere, even in freezing temperatures. However, they only exist in a dormant state most of the time. They require warmer, but shady locations, and enough water to release the nutrients from materials nearby as well as moisture to keep them growing.  This is why they prefer attics and basements, as well as closed-off rooms, crawlspaces, and under cabinets. A lack of air currents also helps microorganisms grow quickly and profusely. 
SERVPRO can help locate where moisture enters your home's living space and close the source off, this does not kill off the mold itself but forces it back into a dormant state. However, any microbes that settle in the area cannot grow, either. We perform remediation of areas with mold damage in a manner that keeps the already present ones contained, and also set up air scrubbers to remove any spores from the home's environment. 
No amount of remediation can wipe your home completely free of mold and mildew spores. Microbes are continually being reintroduced, as well, from outside sources. However, proper mold damage remediation gives your home a fresh start by reducing the population down to a healthy number and eliminating any sources of moisture. 

SERVPRO of Loudon & Roane Counties wants families to live in homes that contain no mold damage, especially since microbes can cause health effects. We serve residents in Kingston and Rockwood, as well as the Blue Springs area. Contact SERVPRO any time of the day or night, 265 days a year, by calling (865) 986-3015.

Click here for more about Harriman.

SERVPRO Offers Peace of Mind to Lenoir City Residents After Mold Infestation

2/8/2020 (Permalink)

mold growing on wall We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster!

Why SERVPRO Offers Peace of Mind to Lenoir City Residents in Need of Mold Remediation

The presence of mold in your Lenoir City residence causes worry and embarrassment. If you try to get rid of the mold on your own, it also likely causes frustration as the staining and musty odor often returns or worsens, no matter how hard to try to find and use proper techniques. Effective mold abatement requires adherence to a research-based protocol developed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and specialized products and equipment. Our crews are experienced and well-prepared to follow the prescribed procedures, why we succeed at this challenging task.

Transparency in Mold Remediation
Mold remediation in Lenoir City as elsewhere must be understood for what it can and cannot accomplish. Be very wary of any contractors who promise complete mold eradication, because save for highly-specialized spaces like laboratories and some healthcare settings that pledge is impossible to attain. Mold spores are everywhere, and removing them entirely is not practical in your home. What can be accomplished is the removal of an active mold colony infestation and inhibition of future outbreaks. Our honesty when communicating what we can deliver is why our mold remediation services can be trusted.

Moisture Is the Culprit
One of the reasons why SERVPRO offers mold remediation services is the need we observe during our water damage mitigation and remediation. Moisture fuels the growth of otherwise dormant mold spores. Often when we investigate a water loss, mold growth has already taken hold and is winning the battle, especially if an unnoticed slow leak allowed structures and contents to absorb water. Mold damages building materials, using them as a source of nourishment and consuming them in the process. Susceptible individuals report health effects from allergies and reactions to the mycotoxins produced by mold.

The EPA Way
Although we do access mold testing if needed, usually, the affected area is obvious. Staining, crumblings materials, and that musty, “off” smell guide our technicians to the microbial infestation. Mold does not need light to grow, why SERVPRO checks building cavities nearby. Once we establish the perimeters of the colonies, we do the following:

Contain the area
We use 1.6 mil polyethylene barriers to isolate the moldy area, usually employing negative pressure air scrubbing technology to seal the working space off from the rest of your house. The air scrubbers force contaminated air through filters, capturing many contaminants stirred up during remediation and venting the residual air to the outside.

Protect You and Our Employees
Inhalation and skin contact with mold residues can irritate and possibly compromise the health of certain people. Our technicians wear personal protective equipment (PPE), including respirators and body coverage. The choice to implement PPE protection minimizes the tracking of moldy residues into other areas of your home.

Remove the Mold
Notwithstanding the claims of makers of antimicrobial products, research demonstrates that the most reliable way to rid a residence of active mold growth is mechanical. Brushing, scraping, and abrasive techniques like soda blasting are all used to remove the mold organisms physically from affected surfaces.

Clean Up Debris
The mechanical removal disturbs both mold and the surfaces upon which it grew, why SERVPRO is sure to use HEPA filtered vacuums, and through wipe, downs to account for all particulates.

Judicious Use of Antimicrobials
Although broadcast spraying is ineffective when used in isolation, the application of EPA-registered antimicrobials as part of the final cleanup can help inhibit mold rebounding. Some innovations, like antimicrobial-impregnated surface coatings, can offer a safety net when restoring walls and other surfaces before painting.

Eliminate the Moisture
If not already accomplished during a prior water loss project, the source of moisture that fed the initial outbreak must be found and remediated. Our experience in coordinating this essential step in nearly all water emergencies is why SERVPRO has the resource to minimize a recurrence of mold-friendly conditions.

Our comprehensive training and knowledge of the mold life cycle are why SERVPRO of Loudon & Roane Counties intervenes effectively when engaged in providing mold remediation. One call to (865) 986-3015 gets the help you need fast.

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Why Professional Restoration Services are Necessary for Water Loss Events in Lenoir City

1/22/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO drying mat being used on water damaged floor SERVPRO has the equipment to locate and dry hidden moisture. Call us today!

Organize and Prioritize Water Damage Issues using Lenoir City Professional Restoration Firms

Unwanted water in your home causes a real problem for your possessions and impact your day-to-day life. There are many actions worth taking immediately after a water emergency that can help you to limit loss. Taking light-weight items out of the affected area is a priority but be careful to seal any possessions into bags or lay down sheeting to prevent moisture spreading throughout the home during removal. You may also want to consider how to get the water out, either by pumping, evaporation, or dehumidification.

Different homes respond differently to water intrusion, which is why many residents choose professional water damage restoration services here in Lenoir City. Using professional help can organize the situation into a manageable, time-efficient process that takes your home back to its preloss condition. By enlisting the assistance of a company like SERVPRO, it can be possible to salvage many of your possessions and prevent the integral structure of your home from sustaining permanent harm.

Water intrusion may result from open joints in the structure of your home. SERVPRO recommends you conduct regular maintenance checks before and during the winter period to limit potential emergencies. These fissures can occur over time as materials expand and compress throughout the year in response to temperature. While areas of the home that are well-insulated like your living room tend to be impervious to adverse effects of temperature, other areas like a garage, porch, or crawlspace can be more vulnerable. Periods of excessive rainfall can result in the exposure of cavities in your home's structure, causing a water emergency.

Practicality is crucial to overcoming a water loss scenario with minimal lasting harm. Here at SERVPRO, our water restoration technicians (WRT) can prioritize areas of concern and restore them first. These areas of interest may include precious documents or textiles, which can sustain more damage than denser items. We can also put in place hydrothermal equipment to control the temperature and humidity in the affected area. By taking regular measurements, we can ensure you remain safe against secondary damages like mold growth.

Use professional restoration to organize and prioritize your home emergency. Contact SERVPRO of Loudon & Roane Counties at (865) 986-3015 now.

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Call SERVPRO When Your Lenoir City Home Needs Water Damage Remediation Services

1/22/2020 (Permalink)

Bathroom/Toilet Call us today! SERVPRO of Loudon & Roane Counties at (865) 986-3015, and we can take a look for you!

Protecting Your Home From Water Damage In Lenoir City

There are so many ways that your home could find itself in need of water damage remediation services. However, what matters most is how quickly you can acquire the services for your home. The longer that excess moisture sits in your home, the more potential there is for further damages.

Hypothetically, imagine a situation where your Lenoir City home experiences water damage. Imagine that a crack forms in the tank of your toilet, and tiny beads of moisture escape it every day and all day. Soon enough, the wall behind it becomes wet. It is essential to deal with water damage as soon as you find it, or else moisture left to its own devices could feed a mold colony before you know it.

When you contact SERVPRO, our technicians quickly gather and travel to your home. We prioritize speed because we know how unnerving it can feel to have water damage sitting in your home. We're available day or night, waiting to help you when you need it most, and our technicians are expertly trained.

When we arrive at your home, SERVPRO can get to work right away. After turning off your water and pulling the toilet away from your wall, we can begin to address the water damage that dribbled down the back of the wall. Should the damage be less advanced, our technicians could set up drying equipment and drill a tiny hole to feed an air blasting tube through. Devices like heaters and dehumidifiers can help extract moisture, and air blasting tubes can help us reach places that would typically be impossible.

Alternatively, should our SERVPRO techs decide it is best to remove the drywall, we can make flood cuts and remove the specific section that is damaged. Making cuts like this can help prevent mold damage while also saving most of the drywall. Once our SERVPRO technicians finish, we can leave your home, confident that you feel, "Like it never even happened."

If you find yourself in need of our help, never wait. Dial the number (865) 986-3015 to speak with SERVPRO of Loudon & Roane Counties. No matter the day or the time, we're here to help.

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What are The Five Most Common Types of Water Damage on Lenoir City?

10/24/2019 (Permalink)

road covered by rising water No matter if the water is from flooding or a broken pipe, SERVPRO can restore your home. We are available for any water loss event need.

Five Most Common Types of Water Damage in Lenoir City Homes and What to Do About It 

There are five main reasons for water damage to occur in a home, and all of them require fast action. If there is any chance that the water ran under flooring or behind a wall, DIY cleanup is no longer an option. 

Some of the most frequently encountered water removal needs in Lenoir City homes by SERVPRO, in some cases, were preventable. No matter how it happened, to avoid secondary issues, it is advisable to get professional water cleanup. 


Consumer-grade wet/dry vacuums, even the rented ones, do not have the necessary power to extract deeply embedded moisture like the equipment used by SERVPRO technicians. They also scope the property with their state-of-the-art detection equipment to ensure they do a thorough water cleanup job. 

Broken Pipes

A common type of water loss in a home comes from broken pipes. Often a slow leak pointing to a faulty or worn seal suddenly gives way, and an indoor flood happens. Turn off the water, blot, and mop up what you can and contact SERVPRO to ensure the loss area receives proper extraction and drying.  

Clogged Rain Gutters

When gutters overflow, it has the potential to damage the roof and send water inside instead of the downspout. SERVPRO technicians recommend having your gutters cleaned, and the installation of gutter guards or screens inhibits this issue.  

Poor Drainage

Drainage is another mostly preventable issue. As it rains, watch where the water goes, if it runs towards the home or pools around the foundation, there is a problem. Some solutions are to raise the grade around the house, install foundation vents or French drains to assist with directing the flow away from the property. 

Faulty Washing Machine Hose

Faulty hoses are another widespread occurrence. Very few people stay in the room with their washing machine, and if the hose breaks, gallons of water winds up on the floor very quickly. Delamination of tile flooring, water behind baseboards, and subflooring are all common scenarios. Fast water extraction and the use of specialized drying such as drying mats assist with recovery from this type of loss.  

Flash Floods

You can't stave off a flash flood. The best plan of action is when you know the water is a threat, move valuables and furniture away from the most likely entry point and block it with towels or sandbags to slow the progression. Because this type of water is a category three biohazard, do not self-clean and bring in SERVPRO.  

SERVPRO of Loudon & Roane Counties at (865) 986-3015 has the knowledge and equipment to handle any water removal, call us for both fast and thorough cleanup, "Like it never even happened."

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Our Highly-Qualified and Compassionate Team is Why SERVPRO Delivers Results in Lenoir City

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SERVPRO will always be there for your Lenoir City disasters, no matter how substantial the loss.

We care about the fire, water, and mold losses that occur in our Lenoir City.

The aftermath of a Lenoir City residential water, fire, mold, or storm loss affects not only the structural components and contents inside your home but also your peace of mind and sense of security. What sets our team apart is the balanced approach we cultivate,  providing our highly-skilled services to you with exceptional care and compassion. Our owners set the tone, striving to enhance our customers’ satisfaction by seeking advanced training and pursuing leadership roles in the restoration industry.

Water Damage

Until it happens in your home in Lenoir City, profound water damage to structural components and contents from seemingly insignificant leaking is difficult to imagine. Small leaks often go unnoticed, hidden behind walls and collecting trapped water under cabinets or other structures or fixtures. No building materials are impervious to eventual deterioration if water remains unmitigated and unremediated.

Staining of a ceiling, bulging of a wall, or an unpleasant odor are signals of the harm water does over time and cannot be ignored without substantial detrimental consequences to the integrity of your home’s structure. The sooner you reach out to the professionals on our team for help to determine the source of the water damage and to devise a plan to respond to it the more likely we can halt the harm and dry out the structural components of your residence.

SERVPRO’s water damage team arrives ready to complete a thorough investigation, armed with training, experiences, and sophisticated scanning and moisture metering devices. The migration of water from one space to another must be mapped out so our Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC)-trained crews can take the steps needed to remove any trapped water and devise the most efficient structural drying approach to restore normal moisture readings. Failure to locate and resolve all of the damage exposes the building materials and continents of your home to the risk of progressive deterioration and secondary complications like mold growth.

Fire Damage

Homeowners in Lenoir City face fire damage with confidence when we answer the call for assistance. Even relatively minor blazes can create substantial consequences for the building materials and contents throughout your home, so it is wise to have our Fire and Smoke Restoration Technicians (FSRT) evaluate the situation as soon as possible after the fire is extinguished. A comprehensive plan and its implementation are critical components to making it “Like it never even happened.”

One surprise many homeowners experience after successful firefighting efforts is the incredible amount of water and chemical retardants used to knock out the flames. SERVPRO is a full-service disaster response company, so we are undaunted with the need for water removal and structural drying as the first step at a fire scene. Our IICRC-educated managers and technicians hold multiple certifications in restoration industry best practices, moving from task to task swiftly and competently.

Clean up after a fire requires specialized knowledge of the characteristics of different types of soot and the most efficient methods to remove them. Our crews match products and techniques for structural components in your home and for furnishings, household goods, and personal possessions we transport to our production facility. Our content restoration technicians have a broad array of resources available to clean, dry, deodorize, and restore everything from heirloom crystal to your child’s stuffed animal collection damaged by heat and fire residues.

Mold Remediation

A lot of “hype” surrounds the issue of mold damage in Lenoir City as well as in other communities. Although homeowners should seek assistance upon discovering visible fungal growth, there is no need to panic. Falling for any scare tactics from unreliable companies that claim they can deliver mold elimination is counterproductive. Understanding that mold spores coexist with humans in every home and commercial building is a fundamental step toward limiting the damage mold can do to your home.

SERVPRO mold remediation specialists seek the source of water behind any fungal outbreak and recommend repairs or other strategies to eliminate the leak, condensation, high humidity, or seepage. We stress that moisture control is essential to minimize future mold growth. 

We also offer professional mold remediation services, following the protocol developed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The research-based step of procedures keeps you and your family safe from the sometimes irritating effects of mold residues as we remove active colonies and clear the affected area of excessive quantities of spores and the toxins some strains of mold can emit. To limit drift of the debris to other spaces, we contain the work area, frequently employing a system of heavy plastic sheeting and negative pressure air scrubbers to seal off the affected section. Our technicians wear personal protective equipment to limit tracking residues elsewhere after we remove the growth. Mold brushes and scrapes off solid surfaces, and even porous materials respond well to innovative techniques like soda blasting. 

Storm Damage

Extreme weather affects more areas every year, and flood damage in Lenoir City can link to the overflow of streams and creeks in the community after heavy rain. Thunderstorms bring high winds that can topple trees and poles, damaging roofs, windows, and siding. Driving precipitation during the storms invades through the weakened roofs and broken windows, filling lower levels with water.

Storm and flood damage is a Lenoir City’s residents worst nightmare. The rapid emergency response you can expect from our SERVPRO IICRC-trained team is the antidote to the fear and confusion experienced after the trauma of destructive weather. 

Crew members secure your home with tarps and boards as our managers assess the interior damage. A plan forms quickly, and technicians unload necessary equipment from our fully-stocked trucks to address water removal followed by structural drying.

The water collecting inside after storm damage is by definition Category 3 or black water, highly contaminated and capable of exposing inhabitants to health issues. Our employees are familiar with local regulations and contain and dispose of the dirty floodwater appropriately. We use EPA-registered cleaning products and disinfectants to treat the surfaces that came in contact with the floodwater, inhibiting the potential for microbial growth.

Respect and results are why SERVPRO of Loudon & Roane Counties earns positive feedback from customers relying on our expertise in response to a broad range of property damage emergencies. Call (865) 986-3015 immediately after disaster strikes. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster.

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NO, Not in Loudon without Water Damage! Call SERVPRO For Mitigation

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"Like it never even happened." That Is Why to Call SERVPRO for Water Loss Cleanup in Loudon

Will Wall Cavities Dry on Their Own in Your Loudon Home?

Water loss incidents present a widespread threat to your residence, beginning at the source of the damage and spreading out quickly from this point to neighboring areas and rooms. With plumbing stretching throughout your entire home from the primary supply line, you have a literal network of piping hidden in the walls, beneath flooring, and above your ceiling materials. Whenever a weak point in this plumbing becomes a breach in the line, the bulk of the effects can occur within wall cavities.

Many homeowners mistakenly believe that if left alone that water damage to their Loudon home can resolve itself. While water does eventually dry in many cases, this drying does not occur before substantial damage to structural elements, and secondary effects like mold growth have occurred. A wise decision is to reach out to our highly-trained, IICRC-certified water restoration technicians for a prompt response to the emergency with mitigation solutions to help you right away.

Our professionals must first diagnose the point of the plumbing break when we first arrive at your damaged home. While much of the damage can indicate a general area to begin the search, leak detection equipment can pinpoint precise locations for controlled drywall removal and direct access to the area in need of repair.

If our SERVPRO professionals can get notified of the emergency quickly enough, we can often preserve most of the damaged construction materials. With the understanding that you cannot wait for wall cavity water damage and pooling to resolve itself on its own, we can utilize effective tools like our injecti-dry system for a minimalistic approach to drying out the wall cavities using entry points drilled behind where the baseboards line the bottom of the walls. We can double check the effectiveness of these efforts with moisture detection equipment and thermal imagery.

In short, it is never a good idea to allow water damage to persist anywhere in your home. You risk structural degradation and mold growth. Let our SERVPRO of Loudon & Roane Counties rapid response team make it “Like it never even happened.” Call anytime at (865) 986-3015.

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Professional Fire Damage Restoration Expectations In Lenoir City

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Lenoir City Property Owners Rely on SERVPRO to Mitigate Smoke & Fire Damage

Lenoir City Homeowners Rely on SERVPRO for Smoke & Fire Cleanup and Restoration

When a fire breaks out in a Lenoir City residence, extinguishing the flames is just the first step. Charring, soot, and smoke damage are challenging problems for the homeowner, and successful outcomes rely on using proper tools, products, and techniques to restore a property to preloss condition. We offer highly-qualified technicians and state of the art equipment to transform fire damage to "Like it never even happened."

Once the firefighters leave and access to your Lenoir City house is again available, our fire damage crew assesses the issues. Our production manager develops a comprehensive plan to address all necessary tasks, starting with water removal and damage abatement and then moving on to soot, smoke, and odor remediation.
Firefighting typically involves significant quantities of water and sometimes chemicals to extinguish the flames. The unabated damage water does to property is ongoing, destabilizing and deteriorating structures as well as risking secondary harm such as mold growth. It also poses a slip and fall safety hazard for both inhabitants and restoration technicians during the recovery period. SERVPRO crews use powerful pumps and extractors to remove standing water. Then they determine drying goals based upon the moisture content of the affected structures and features. High-efficiency air movers and dehumidifiers move water vapor out of the structure, captured by the dehumidifiers via condensation or desiccant technology.
Crews evaluate the soot and smoke damage and employ the appropriate tools and cleaners to remove the residues and restore surfaces. SERVPRO technicians are IICRC certified, trained in the restoration industry's best practices. Light soot and ash respond well to dusting, dry sponging, and HEPA filtered vacuuming. Stickier residues found when the fire smoldered may need spray and wipe techniques or abrasive tools or cleaners to dislodge. Some substances when combusted deposit a lacquer-like coating on surfaces that requires the use of solvents and abrasion to remove. Immersion or ultrasonic cleaning works well for removable fixtures and articles with intricate details.
The HVAC system in the dwelling needs inspection as it may have suctioned soot and smoke inside the ducts during the fire, dispersing the debris throughout the property. At a minimum, filters need replacement and more thorough cleaning done by SERVPRO if indicated.
After the fire damage, debris and residues are removed, and surfaces cleaned, any lingering odors need attention. SERVPRO (OCT) deodorization specialists use strategies like thermal fogging or hydroxyl generators to change the chemical composition of odor-bearing particles to neutralize them. Occasionally surfaces still emitting odors after cleaning need sealing to contain the smell.
Rely on SERVPRO of Loudon & Roane Counties to come to your assistance with confidence after fire damages your home. Work crews are just a phone call away at (865) 986-3015, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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SERVPRO Breaks Down Fire Damage Move-Out Process

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Our team is trained to carefully pack all personal belongings, clean them, and store them until they are ready to go back to the client's property.

Why SERVPRO Services are Vital for a Move-Out After Fire Damage in Harriman  

Are you wondering why SERVPRO fire damage restoration services are the best? We have the best service delivery that ensures the safety of our client's health and their belongings. When conducting a fire damage restoration, we make sure that the contents inside your structure are properly taken care of. To conduct a successful moving process, we ensure that we understand what is most important to the client. The entire process involves moving the contents inside your structure to a remote location before we embark on fire damage restoration in Harriman.

After a house fire in Harriman, various situations may require our SERVPRO experts to move your belongings. This is done to ensure that our professionals have enough space to work without worrying about damaging your belongings. There are various reasons why moving your belongings is inevitable. Firstly, moving your belongings provides room for a quick restoration process that saves time and resources. In addition, the contents of your property require to be protected from any form of damage. Moreover, the structure might be too damaged to an extent that the security of your belongings is compromised.

Another reason why our SERVPRO experts recommend a move-out is because of water that may find its way into your property after a fire damage. Water poses a huge threat to the contents of your property thus the best way to salvage your belongings is through a move-out. With a properly conducted move-out, you are assured that your belongings are secure. This provides us with enough space to complete the job impeccably. However, it is important that you note that the decision by our experts to call for a move-out can be determined by the extent of fire damage.

SERVPRO of Loudon & Roane Counties understands that the move-out process can prove to be hectic. For that reason, be sure to reach us on (865) 986-3015 to get the best advice on services for a seamless move-out.

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Let SERVPRO Be The Rainbow At The End Of Your Storm In Loudon

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Flood damage like this needs SERVPRO to come to the rescue.

Flood Damage Restoration for Your Loudon Residence

Heavy rains in Loudon can cause a great deal of flooding and damage to your home. When the storms in your area have been rough and caused the excess water to enter your home, you want to deal with it as soon as possible.
Flood damage cleanup for your Loudon home needs to be done by professionals who can work in a timely fashion. Our staff is thoroughly trained and equipped to handle such a situation, and we can do so concerning you and your family, and quickly to prevent additional damage from occurring. It is not difficult to see why SERVPRO is an excellent choice for the cleanup and restoration of your home.
Once our initial inspection of your property is done to determine the scope of the flood damage, our priority is to remove all the standing water we possibly can. We use the latest in water detection technology so we can create a moisture map and determine the saturation levels and areas which are affected but not necessarily visible. We use special moisture meters so we can find any hidden pockets of wet material.
SERVPRO technicians can then start using truck mounted or industrial extraction pumps which are portable. Water is much easier to extract while it is in its liquid form, rather than after it is turned into a vapor. Most of our time is spent on extracting as much water as possible so that drying your property is much easier and faster.
Once we have extracted all the water we can, we use industrial fans and dehumidifiers to pull any leftover moisture from your property. These machines are positioned and monitored daily to ensure the fastest drying time. We also go over with you any materials, such as flooring or drywall, that may need to be replaced and what we can salvage.
SERVPRO of Loudon & Roane Counties works to get your home in Lenoir City, Tellico Village, or Blue Springs back to the way it was before the flood damage occurred. Call us any time at (865) 986-3015 so we can assist you quickly and you can return to your average, everyday lives. Going fishing, click here for information on one of the many lakes you can enjoy.