Recent Mold Remediation Before & After Photos

Dampness and Mold Infestations in Harriman

Just give some mold spores a dark place, some organic food like ceiling tiles or drywall panes, and then add accumulating moisture from lack of proper circulati... READ MORE

Harriman Mold in a Crawlspace

This part of the country often has problems with mold growth in crawl space foundations. Varying temperatures, raining, flooding, and even soil percolation can ... READ MORE

Mold and Moisture in a Lenoir City Rental Unit

Moisture, along with no climate control in a vacant rental unit, can often result in mold infestations requiring significant work. The black, mold covered walls... READ MORE

Significant Mold Remediation for a Lenoir City Home

When mold infestations dig in and spread through several walls, the controlled demolition can often mean the removal of much gypsum board. Early mold remediatio... READ MORE

Lenoir City Mold and Water Remediation

Moisture leads to mold development if the dampness is not removed from this attic crawlspace in Lenoir City. Leaks in the roof, when repaired upon discovery, ca... READ MORE

Basement Mold Remediation in Harriman

After water damage, if a below ground finished basement is totally dried out the result could be the visible mold patches on the walls, ceiling, and baseboards.... READ MORE